Renowned Online Magic Shop To Open Concept Café In Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
Renowned Online Magic Shop To Open Concept Café In Dubai

Dubai is home to a medley of cafes. It’s, in short, a foodie paradise. But apart from scrumptious served food, people visit the eateries for ambience. And Dubai offers a plethora of variety to choose from. Similarly, Dubai will soon be home to a new concept cafe which would take the theme of magic. So if you are ready for this magical expedition, then read ahead.

Magic Theme Cafe To Open In Dubai

Brown Bear Magic is mainly renowned for its card game but online. This would be their first offline venture. The cafe would be a card shop-cum-cafe. The reason behind this joint venture is the market. The founders of Brown Bear Magic were firm on the decision as they are well versed in the market scenario.

Considering that Dubai’s market for magic tricks and playing cards is very tiny, The owners decided to establish the store as a cafe. This would act as a hang-out place to work, browse the inventory, and perhaps even pick up a new skill.

The Magical Experience Will Start In October

According to what we’ve been told, work has already started. Early this month, the venue was finalised. And just recently, the owners also decided on the food. The Village Mall in Jumeirah is where the café will debut by the end of September and the beginning of October 2022. Additionally, they are planning for a soft launch earlier in September.

You’ll notice several modifications, such as the brand-new logo they made, which will also appear in the store. They are striving to unify their online and offline stores. Along with that, they are also developing a new points system to replace the present system. The cost of delivery and shipping won’t deter you from purchasing something.

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