Research Says Biryani Is Healthy! We’re Jumping With Joy

by Suchismita Pal
Research Says Biryani Is Healthy! We’re Jumping With Joy

You’ll rarely find an Indian who doesn’t love biryani. A plate of biryani is more than just a dish for desi foodies; it is pure emotion. But we’re sure no one ever told you that biryani is healthy. However, a new study will alter your perception of the dish. According to a recent report by the African Journal of Food Science and Technology (AJFST), biryani can be a nutritious and complete meal. Continue reading!

Global Research Calls Biryani ‘A Complete Meal’

While the love for biryani is constant, not every Indian prefers the same kind of biryani. Some might prefer Lucknowi biryani, some would love Kashmiri biryani, while some others might relish the Hyderabadi one. The variant that found its place in the global report is Hyderabadi biryani. The AJFST study says that Hyderabadi biryani contains rice, egg, vegetables, meat and spices, and is thus highly nutritious and a complete meal. Have you ever thought of a dish of biryani this way?

Screengrab from African Journal of Food Science and Technology report

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Here’s How You Can Make Biryani Healthier

The report also states that both veg and non-biryanis have their own health values. It says that one can make biryani more nutritious by increasing the number of vegetables and limiting the spice content. It further states that basmati rice used to make biryani is a ‘gluten-free carbohydrate’. The study also speaks about the origin of the rice dish and how it entered the Indian subcontinent. Thus, if you’re a biryani addict, who can’t simply resist an aromatic plate of freshly cooked biryani, we made you feel good for sure!

Biryani healthy
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Order a plate of hearty Hyderabadi biryani maybe tonight for a delectable dinner!

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