Restaurant Style At Home Ep 14: Thailand’s Khao Soi Curry With Chef Black Bulswan

by Bianca Saurastri

We have all tried different versions of Thai Curry but today we show you how to prepare one of Thailand’s authentic curries which is the Khao Soi Curry with Thai chef Black Bulswan. Khao Soi is a little bit different from the normal green curry but the preparation is super easy to make at home.

Chili Paste
1. Coriander seeds 5 g.
2. Black cardamom  5 g.
3. Dried chili 10 g.
4. Ginger 30 g.
5. Shallots 45 g.
6. Garlic 30 g.
7. Turmeric 30 g.
8. Salt 5 g.
9. Dried soybean 20 g.

Khao Soi Curry
1. Chili paste 60 g.
2. Coconut milk 350 ml.
3. Mushrooms 200 g.
4. Coconut sugar 15 g.
5. Salt 5 g.

1. Pickles
2. Lime
3. Fresh coriander
4. Noodle or rice (option)

Step 1: Is to make the chilli paste by pounding all the dry substances in the mortar. The mixture has to be thick enough just like a paste.
Step 2: To make the Khao Soi curry, for which you need to blend the chilli paste with the coconut milk & then add mushrooms, you can even use any other meat you like, and lastly finish it off with some seasoning.
Step 3: Is the plating & instead of noodles you can even use rice for this dish to be accompanied by the gravy.