Restaurants Are Taking Stringent Measures To Maintain Hygiene Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

by Sanjana Shenoy
Restaurants Are Taking Stringent Measures To Maintain Hygiene Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in work from home facilities and self-quarantine practices. With malls, pubs, theatres, swimming pools and gyms closed in a few major cities, many of us are now working in the comfort of our homes and indulging in home-cooked food. But there are some who work from offices and can’t help but grab a bite from a restaurant. Well if you’re nodding your head in agreement, then let’s assure you that many restaurants in India are taking stringent measures to maintain hygiene amidst the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, we visited a McDonald’s outlet in Mumbai and were pleased to witness that the restaurant was being sanitized and its employees were screened.

Hygiene Measures

Well, we decided to step into McDonald’s and have a look at this ourselves, and we were glad to see that the fast-food chain was taking stringent measures to heighten their sanitation. It was an atmosphere that exuberated hospitality and hygiene.

Here are some of the hygiene measures taken by McDonald’s

  • There are hand-sanitizers placed across all restaurants
  • In the one hour, we were there, the tables and kiosks were sanitized two times
  • Food trays, tables, table trackers, self-dispensing coke machines, credit card machines are all sanitized regularly
  • There are separates veg and non-veg kitchens
  • Daily product check is done to ensure the safety of all products
  • The utensil areas and cooking tables are cleaned and sanitized every 4 hours
  • The staff washes their hands every hour for 20 seconds with antimicrobial handwash
  • The crew is trained on quality and food safety measures and their travel history and family health and health conditions are being monitored.
  • If employees have fever, cough or any other illness then they are being excused from their shift and advised medical attention and care.

Well, witnessing these stringent hygiene measures taken by McDonald’s firsthand, we definitely wish to assure you McD lovers, that if you want to have a quick hot meal after a tiring day from work then you can visit here without any hesitations thanks to the hospitable service and the hygienic measures taken here.