Rixos Hotel, UAE, Awarded Certification For Sustainable Practices By Global Sustainable Tourism Council

by Deeplata Garde
Rixos Hotel, UAE, Awarded Certification For Sustainable Practices By Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Hospitality in UAE provides a range of services from Affluent and pricey to comfortable and affordable. But there are some brands that are also adding stars to their services by practising sustainability. RIXOS Hotels, UAE has earned a reputation in the hospitality industry and its efforts are showing results. Rixos Hotels UAE proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement.

Rixos Hotel, UAE Has Been Awarded Prestigious Awards


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Rixos Hotel, UAE has achieved a milestone. The hotel has Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) certification. This distinction marks Rixos Hotels as the first hotel brand in the region to attain such esteemed recognition, underscoring its steadfast dedication to responsible and sustainable tourism practices. This significant milestone is further aligned with the UAE’s visionary “Year of Sustainability” initiative for 2023.

Internationally renowned for its rigorous and comprehensive criteria, the GSTC is a beacon of excellence in setting and overseeing global sustainable travel and tourism standards. This recognition symbolizes the group’s unwavering commitment to the highest social and environmental benchmarks, making positive contributions to both local communities and the broader environment. The certification process, conducted by an Accredited Certification Body, ensures transparency, impartiality, and competence.

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Another Milestone Achieved By The Group

Rixos UAE
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The GSTC certification underscores Rixos Hotels UAE’s exceptional accomplishments in meeting pivotal criteria across diverse domains. Central to this recognition is the brand’s effective and sustainable management approach. It demonstrates an unwavering commitment to responsible practices that prioritize long-term sustainability while enhancing guest experiences. The hotel serves as a shining example to the broader hospitality industry. It artfully balances operational excellence with environmental consciousness.

Beyond ecological strides, its recognition encompasses its significant positive impact on social and economic fronts. The brand’s robust engagement with local communities has yielded transformative outcomes. In essence, Rixos Hotels UAE’s GSTC certification celebrates its achievements and solidifies its standing as a responsible and forward-thinking leader within the hospitality realm.

As Rixos Hotels UAE secures this prestigious GSTC certification, it not only establishes itself as a trailblazer in responsible hospitality within the UAE but also sets a remarkable precedent for the entire region. The certification process entails a thorough evaluation conducted by an Accredited Certification Body, guaranteeing a transparent, unbiased, and proficient assessment

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