Road? Nah! Auto Driver Takes Rickshaw To Kurla Station Platform Directly!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Road? Nah! Auto Driver Takes Rickshaw To Kurla Station Platform Directly!

You all must have seen auto-rickshaws on road, but have you seen them on railway platforms? No, I am in my senses for sure. But this did really happen in Kurla. A man drove his rickshaw all the way inside Kurla’s platform. Call it a stunt, we don’t mind because it was a kind of. He was seen driving his rickshaw on the platform while the people were trying to stop him.

Auto Rickshaw To Platform

A video was shared on social media which captured this incident. The man was later arrested and also his three-wheeler rickshaw was seized by the police. He was stooped by some people on the platform and was forced to take a turn back. Several users posted the video on their handles on Twitter and also tagged the Mumbai traffic police as well as the Railway police force. The Railway Police from Mumbai division said that they took the Twitter complaint seriously and arrested the auto-rickshaw driver and also confiscated his rickshaw. At 01:00 am on 12th October, the auto-rickshaw MH 02CT2240 had come on the Kurla Railway station platform.

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Case Registered Against The Driver

The driver was brought to RPF post-Kurla and a case was registered against him under CR No.1305/22 U/S 159 RA. He was punished for riding this vehicle on a local train platform. Many users laughed over the video that was tweeted and took it very lightly calling the driver drunk. While the other users asked the authorities about their presence during the whole scenario. Some also lauded the people presenting the platform who took charge and asked the auto rickshaw driver to turn and leave the platform.

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Ye Mumbai Hai Mere Yaar!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter