Auto Driver Taking Online Lessons To Help Daughter With UPSC Exams Is Winning Our Hearts & The Internet

by Vinita Jain
Auto Driver Taking Online Lessons To Help Daughter With UPSC Exams Is Winning Our Hearts & The Internet

Parents do everything from their side to ensure a bright and prosperous future for their children. From working hard to fulfil their desires to helping them in their studies, parents don’t leave any stone unturned regarding their kid’s future. And, this heart-warming story of an auto driver taking YouTube lessons to help his daughter with her UPSC exams is proof.

Abhijeet Mutha, an investment banking analyst at JP Morgan shared this story via his LinkedIn. Read further to find out about the whole story.

Auto Driver Helps Daughter WIth UPSC Exams

Auto Driver Help Daughter With UPSC Exams
Screengrab from LinkedIn/Abhijeet Mutha

Abhijeet booked an Uber ride and coincidently Rakesh came to pick him up. After the ride began, he noticed the driver had paused his YouTube video and started navigating. Moments later, he returned to the video and picked up where he had left off. He couldn’t resist asking him about the same, to which he replied “Bhaiya ye current affairs aur economics ki video h”.

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Abhijeet continued the conversation and asked him if he was preparing for any exam. Rakesh told him “No sir, my daughter is preparing for UPSC & we have a round of discussions on these topics every day.” And, that’s how the auto driver Rakesh takes YouTube lessons every day to help his daughter with her UPSC exams.

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Here’s How Netizens Reacted

The post went viral and received over 120,000 reactions. People went to the comments section and gave their opinion. Some praised Uber drivers, while others were concerned about watching videos while driving. However, Abhijeet answered in the comments section that he wasn’t seeing the video while driving, he just played the video on traffic signals.

“Parents are truly the absolute jewels of the planet”, commented one user. “For those born before the ‘coaching era’, our parents have been the sole window to the outside world (barring school and friends). With their varied levels of understanding and experience, they are the cornerstones of our life’s growth.”, commented another user.

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Well, what do you think about this heart-warming gesture of Rakesh? Do let us know.

Cover image courtesy: AbhijeetMutha Linkedin