Swiggy Delivery Boy Works Barefoot After Accident; Netizens Unite To Help Him

by Vinita Jain
Swiggy Delivery Boy Works Barefoot After Accident; Netizens Unite To Help Him

Here’s another heartwarming Swiggy delivery guy story to make your day. Recently, a LinkedIn post by a user named Tariq Khan went viral and received a lot of praise from social media users. The viral post chalked out the story of a Swiggy delivery boy who has been working “barefoot” because his feet and ankles were swollen in an accident.

Tariq Khan briefly interacted with the delivery boy in an elevator. Khan saw him barefoot and questioned him on the same. To which the guy replied, that he met with an accident that day. This led to swelling in his ankle and foot. So, he couldn’t wear footwear. Khan advised him to take an off and rest for a while. To this, the boy smiled and said that he had a family to feed. Later, he wished good evening to Tariq and left.

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Tariq said, that this incident inspires him to work hard and push himself when he needs to. He tagged Swiggy and wished that they can help this hardworking man.

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Tariq Urged People To Help The Swiggy Delivery Boy

Swiggy Delivery Boy
Picture Credit: LinkedIn (Tariq Khan)

Nowadays there’s no dearth of delivery executive inspirational stories online. Tariq hopes that somehow people can help him. So, he pinned comments in his post where people who wished to help the delivery man could do so through his Paytm number.

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“Indeed an inspiration!” commented one user. “Swiggy can you see this?” Commented another user. “If I was there I would have purchased him one pair of shoes.” Commented third. We’re truly inspired! What about you?

Check out the entire post here.

Cover image courtesy: Linkedin (Tarik Khan)