Specially-Abled Swiggy Agent Inspires The Internet With Her Hard-Work & Determination

Specially-Abled Swiggy Agent
by Sanjana Shenoy 380

We often get impatient when food delivery agents take a little longer to deliver our meals. Sometimes we incessantly call them to enquire about their whereabouts. Other times we’re ready to pester customer service.  But how often do we empathise with them? Seldom, perhaps! A viral video of a specially-abled Swiggy agent delivering food has left netizens inspired and reflective.

Video Of Specially-Abled Swiggy Agent Inspires The Internet

Recently, a video shared on Linkedin by Jagvinder Singh Ghumaan has given the Internet a dose of inspiration. The video shows a specially-abled Swiggy agent delivering food in her wheelchair. Donning the signature orange Swiggy t-shirt, she delivers food swiftly in her motorised wheelchair. She has a Swiggy bag containing food in the back of her wheelchair. And the woman uses her phone to navigate her way. The video has gone viral. Netizens are applauding her spirit! And, lauding Swiggy for offering her the opportunity.

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Specially-Abled Swiggy Agent

Picture Credits: LinkedIn/Jagvinder Singh Ghumaan

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Another Heartwarming Story Of Food Delivery

Earlier, another LinkedIn user, Rohit Kumar Singh shared an incident of meeting a specially-abled food delivery agent. Rohit Kumar was impatient as he waited for his food to get delivered. Upon opening the door, he was shocked to see a specially-abled Swiggy agent, balancing on his crutches. With a huge smile on his face, the agent delivered the meal. Rohit’s interaction with him made him more empathetic towards delivery agents.

It is such stories that warm our hearts. Surely a little empathy and kindness towards people can take us a long way!

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