Sunday Brunch Ep 9: Rohit Sharma Speaks About His Love For Cricket & Meditation

by Kamiya Jani

Hitman Rohit Sharma batted team India to victory against New Zealand in a nail-biting Super Over in Hamilton, giving India an unconquerable 3-0 lead in the five-match Twenty20 International series on Wednesday. The brilliant cricket player scored 64 runs off 40 balls in the scheduled 20 overs. But what got cricket fanatics screaming with happiness, was his back to back sixes off the last two deliveries bowled by Tim Southee during Super Over. His heroic consecutive sixes was the reason India was able to comfortably chase the Super Over target of 18 runs. And he has even crowned the Man Of The Match. Well, for all those of you wondering the secret behind Rohit Sharma’s stellar performance, let’s tell you that we know it all. Yes! Over a Sunday Brunch with our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani, hitman Rohit Sharma revealed the secrets of his success. So read on to quench your curiosity.

What Is Rohit Sharma’s Secret?

Rohit Sharma’s back to back sixes during the Super Over got every cricket fan celebrating with joy. So we just have to give you a glimpse of the secret behind his success. And although he is popularly known as Hitman, he maintains a calm and composed demeanour on and off-field. During the Sunday Brunch with our Chief Travelling Officer, Kamiya Jani, Rohit Sharma revealed that Meditation is the key to his success.  He stated that meditation helps him to remain calm, take tactical decisions on the field and even understand his team mate’s state of mind.

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The star cricketer admitted that he meditates wherever he can be it on the field, in the dressing room, hotel room or even while travelling in a flight. It helps him stay ahead of the game. When batting, he uses the 2 second time taken by the bowler to walk to his position, to stay calm and strategize. Rohit Sharma strongly believes in the power of meditation as it helps him to focus, make good choices on the field and keep the pressure away. He hopes to teach his daughter meditation in the future. Did you know The World’s Largest Meditation Pyramid Is Located Near Bengaluru?

What’s More?

Now that you got a sneak peek into Rohit Sharma’s mind space and the secret behind his heroic batting during the amazing Super Over against New Zealand at the T20 match, here’s how you can get to know more about your favourite cricketer. Watch the Sunday Brunch episode where Rohit Sharma talks to Kamiya Jani about his favourite food, memorable travel experiences, the importance of meditation and also narrates some interesting anecdotes about playing for team India. He is joined by the Master of Heartful Meditation, Kamlesh D Patel or Daaji at India’s Biggest Meditation Centre, Kanha Shanti Vanam in Telangana. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if you want to ape India’s greatest batsman, Rohit Sharma, then you know what to do – Meditate.