10 Travel Updates All Indian Tourists MUST Know Before Flying Abroad

by Shreya Ghosh
10 Travel Updates All Indian Tourists MUST Know Before Flying Abroad

International travel all around the world has started in full swing after the release of travel restrictions post-pandemic. With that, tourists are travelling and exploring distant countries. However, they have to follow some rules while flying to foreign counties. For Indian tourists, there are a set of rules and regulations that they have to abide by for travelling abroad. If you are flying overseas too, then check out these 10 rules.

Rules For Indian Tourists While Travelling Overseas

1. Masks Are A Mandate

As per recent updates and reports, the DGCA has made it compulsory to wear masks inside Indian airports. In fact, the flyers need to put on their masks during the journey inside the flights as well as positive cases witnessed an increase recently.

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2. Turkey Scrapped Off Restrictions For Indian Travellers

A great news for Indian tourists is that they can now easily travel to Turkey without any Covid-19-related travel restrictions. Turkey dropped off all the restrictions for Indian tourists recently and now they can enter the country without presenting a negative RT-PCR test report or any vaccination proof.

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3. RT-PCR Test Is Not A Mandate To Fly To The US

According to the recent updates (12 June 2022), Indian tourists do not need to undergo an RT-PCR test a day prior to the travelling date to the United States. They do not need to present a negative report to board the flight to the United States.

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4. In-Person Visa Appointments Will Restart Soon

According to a tweet from the United States embassy in India on 29 May 2022, they will soon restart the in-person visa appointments from September 2022. There are many Indian applicants whose appointments got cancelled previously. However, they can apply for an appointment once again.

5. Scoot Launched Regular Flights In India

Indian tourists can now fly to Singapore by booking tickets from the Scoot airline. This Singapore airline runs regular flights between Singapore and Thiruvananthapuram 3 times a week.

6. Recent Visa Updates Of China

China has announced its updated visa policy for Indian students, Indian professionals, and Indian tourists. For travelling and any sort of private reasons, the visa procedure will be suspended.

7. No Marks Means No Flying

If any travellers inside Indian airports and flights are seen without any masks (except for unexpected situations), then they will be certainly not allowed to board the flight. This decision came into action after a Delhi High court order.

8. Travelling To Israel Needs No Covid-19 Travel Guidelines

Indian tourists can now explore Israel without any Covid-19 travel restrictions. There is no necessity of presenting a negative test report or quarantine after reaching the country anymore.

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9. Indian Tourists Can Take The Booster Dose For Flying Overseas

Indians who have already received both doses of the vaccination can now get the booster dose before travelling overseas. If they are flying to International countries then they will be eligible for the booster dose only after 3 months of their second vaccination.

10. VieJet Restarted Flights

From 29 April 2022, VietJet recently recommenced flights for Delhi-Hanoi and Delhi-Ho Chi Minh City. From 9 September 2022, they will start flights for Mumbai-Phu Quoc and the New Delhi-Phu Quoc too.

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