Saarang Sumesh, Youngest Tedx Speaker From Kochi

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Saarang Sumesh, Youngest Tedx Speaker From Kochi

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Meet Saarang Sumesh, the youngest boy to be a TEDx speaker because of his robotic inventions! 

What Is It?

Saarang, who currently 7 years old made his first robot when he was just 4 years of age and has come up with various innovations over the years. Saarang’s parents knew that he was different at the age of 4 who started getting robot-making kits instead of toys as gifts from his parents to imbibe the inclination towards science in him. Saarang is a third-grade student from Cochin, Kerala and he stays with his mother. His father is an electrical engineer working in the States.

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Saarang’s role model is his father who imbibed this scientific spirit in him at such a young age that in turn inspired him to make such innovations. From a robot-making child to being a TEDx speaker, Saarang has become an inspiration to all.

Saarang also takes inspiration from the former President, APJ Abdul Kalam who always used to ask children and youngsters to dream big. He loves experimenting with new devices and believes that innovations should help make lives easier for humans.

Image credits: The News Minute

What Else?

Saarang’s inventions started with designing a cleaning robot at the age of 5 as he wanted to help his mother in household chores. He further went on to develop robotic tricycle, a walking stick for the visually challenged, robotic hand, digital clock and the smart car among other inventions.

Image credits: The Better India

Saarang went on and participated in 2016 Maker Faire Festival of invention that took place in Silicon Valley, as the youngest maker in the conference.

In 2016 in Kochi, Saarang spoke at Tedx about his inspirations and creations. Watch the video below to get inspired by the young genius in the field of robotics –