Sachin Tendulkar: Home-Cooked Food By Mother Is Unparalleled

by Mallika Khurana
Sachin Tendulkar: Home-Cooked Food By Mother Is Unparalleled

The star of the stadium for 24 long years, Sachin Tendulkar is a gifted cricketer loved by each and every cricket fanatic. His popularity is so immense that even those who are not well-versed in the world of sports know of him and his unbeatable talent. He might have retired from the field, but the chants of his name and the glory of his success follow him everywhere he goes. He is a special personality who graced us with his presence to celebrate his 50th birthday and our 100th Sunday Brunch episode. Engaging in an interesting chat with our Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani, he shared a lot about his childhood, his career, and his life after retirement. To know all that he spilled, check out the full episode!

Sachin Tendulkar Finds The Food Cooked By His Mother Incomparable

Sachin Tendulkar is a big foodie, and his social media handles are enough proof of that. As fellow foodies, we had to ask him what he loves to have the most. Quite like us, he shared that he loves to eat anything and everything. He also shared an anecdote about the first time he tried Chinese food.

He sure loves to eat different things, but he also revealed that the best meal he has ever had was what his mother cooked for him as a kid. Sachin finds home-cooked meals prepared by his mother unbeatable, and we couldn’t agree more. No fancy restaurant can ever deliver comfort like a mother, and there is no denying it.

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This Is What His Sunday Brunches Looked Like As A Kid

Sachin Tendulkar
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He certainly cherishes all the memories from his childhood, especially the food he had at home. Surely his Sunday Brunches would have been memorable too. Well, we wanted to know all about them, so we asked him. Recalling his childhood, he shared that his family used to have special Sunday lunches.

While the other meals of the day were quite ordinary, lunch was the one he looked forward to the most. His mother used to cook something non-vegetarian for lunch every Sunday, and that was pretty special for him. He used to indulge in amazing dishes like Chicken Curry with Pav or Fish Curry. Sounds delicious!

Next in the episode, he addressed his undying love of vada pav and you must check out the episode to know all about it!

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