Sadhguru Shares The Best Possible Way & Valuable Advice To Raise A Child In Today’s World

"You must cultivate and watch what is going to blossom!"

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sadhguru Shares The Best Possible Way & Valuable Advice To Raise A Child In Today’s World

If you have come across any videos of Sadhguru, you know that everything he says is quite motivational. Once in a while, all of us need to hear something motivational and inspirational in this rat race world, don’t we? Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, had a delightful and in-depth conversation with him about life, his childhood, food and more. Watch the entire video linked below.

Sadhguru Enlightened Us With Advice On How To Raise A Child In Current Scenarios

Kamiya, being a mother herself, asked Sadhguru, “What is the best possible way to raise a child in the times we are living in?” What he replied next was so apt, “Once you have a child, it’s a 20-year project. That is when you do well! Otherwise, it is a lifelong project.” He educated us on how it isn’t about how much time you spend with your kids because they will end up fearing you when you cling to them.

Then, he informed us that humans cannot be raised and if they are raised, she or he is more likely to be cattle or just flunk. He said that parents just have to nurture and see what will eventually blossom! He strongly disagrees with individuals who set their children’s futures or professional paths. It is almost, as he said and we quote, “a crime against humanity”. We wish more parents in the world understood this.

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He Didn’t Consider Himself To Be A Rebel

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Continuing on the same conversation, Sadhguru shared with us that he was never a rebel and was always clear about exploring the world. During his childhood, he began observing everything around him, from the tiniest flowers to creatures—everything. He even gave an example of how he would observe an ant going about its day.

He talked about how most people are more concerned with their appearance and social status, he was drawn towards the exquisite way life unfolds. For him, his interest in life was greater than any other worldly pleasure. Have you ever wondered about this?

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Comment below if you have ever thought about giving up on worldly pleasures and living a simple life and why.

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