Sadhguru: My Father’s Idea Of Success Is, You Must Be A Doctor

It is safe to say that he is successful despite not being a doctor!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sadhguru: My Father’s Idea Of Success Is, You Must Be A Doctor

On this Sunday Brunch episode, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, had the privilege to receive a tour of the grand Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore by the spiritual leader Sadhguru. Millions around the world are inspired by his words and wisdom. But we learnt that his father might not deem him to be as successful and inspirational as the rest of the world does. We chatted about how his father wanted at least one of his kids to be a doctor. Read on to discover what were his father’s expectations.

Sadhguru Talked About What Was Success According To His Father

While on the topic of education, Kamiya asked Sadhguru about the expectations his father, a practising doctor, had for him. Our guest informed us, “My father’s idea of success is you must be a doctor. Otherwise, you are a failure.”

He continued that his father wanted all four of his children to be doctors. Hence, his father tried pushing Sadhguru’s elder siblings to pursue the medical profession but failed. Sadhguru was the youngest one and all the pressure to be a successful doctor was on him!

He managed to pursue his own path despite the pressure and the rest is history!

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His Father Had A Bunch Of Medical Notes Used By None Of Them

Sadhguru revealed to us that his father was extremely studious and had kept all of his textbooks and medical notes from his schooling days. Those thousands of notes were exceptionally well prepared and very dear to his father.

His father had hoped that his children would pick up these textbooks and notes and follow his legacy. Alas, they were kept untouched at their home. Watch the whole video linked above to know all about it.

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Comment down below if your parents want (or wanted) you to pursue their professional line and what was it. Did you or did you not follow it?