Salmon, Halwa & More; All That Chef Vikas Khanna Cooked For Ektaa Kapoor’s Emmy Celebration Feast!

Chef Vikas Khanna whipped up a delectable feast to celebrate Ektaa Kapoor's landmark Emmy-win!

by Tooba Shaikh
Salmon, Halwa & More; All That Chef Vikas Khanna Cooked For Ektaa Kapoor’s Emmy Celebration Feast!

Ektaa Kapoor is a name that most of us have grown up hearing. Her daily soaps are known to keep Indian aunties glued to the television screens for decades. She recently won an Emmy for her trailblazing career as a director. Certainly, such an accomplishment called for a celebration! And what celebration is complete without a delectable feast? Chef Vikas Khanna whipped up a delicious feast for the celebration of Ektaa Kapoor’s Emmy award. Take a look at all that he made!

Here’s What Chef Vikas Khanna Whipped Up For Ektaa Kapoor


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A post shared by Vikas Khanna (@vikaskhannagroup)

Chef Vikas Khanna recently took to his Instagram account and shared a post in which he told us that he had the privilege of cooking for the new Emmy winner Ektaa Kapoor. 

Here’s everything that the uber-talented master chef Vikas Khanna whipped up for Ektaa Kapoor’s Emmy celebration feast!

  • Coconut Squash Soup served with Panch Poran
  • Roasted Asparagus served with homemade feta cheese
  • Purple Brussel Sprouts
  • Salmon served with butter berries sauce
  • Warm chicken salad with roasted pineapples
  • Broccoli with garlicky peanuts
  • Whole-wheat Khameri naan
  • Kumquat pickles
  • Watermelon Radish, Buttermilk dressing, Walnut crust with Bandel cheese

For dessert, he curated the following fare which would satisfy the sweet tooth of the biggest sugar-junkie!

  • Stuffed Mango dessert
  • Chenna Poda with Cherry Ice Cream
  • American Sikh Cookies
  • Atta-Gur Halwa

This eclectic spread was washed down with Lemon-Saffron ade which was the perfect accompaniment to the varied fare.

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Pens A Heartfelt Caption To The Post


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A post shared by EktaaRkapoor (@ektarkapoor)

This hearty feast wasn’t the only thing that he whipped up. He also penned a heartfelt message to Ektaa Kapoor along with the video that he shared. The chef started by wishing everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving Everyday”. He said that when Ektaa Kapoor won the Emmy Award, he was very emotional and proud. Vikas Khanna said that it was similar to when Guneet Monga Kapoor won the Oscar award.

He was also bowled over by the authenticity of it all. He stated that he had attended many award functions before but this one was unlike any other award function he had had the privilege of attending. As per Vikas Khanna, what set it apart was the fact that there were absolutely no fake accents or attempts to seem “white”.

The defining emotion of the award function was simply pride according to him. He also said that in a matter of just a few moments, Ektaa Kapoor managed to showcase the authenticity and grit of her journey. He even walked her to the stage while feeling extremely proud.

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Are you hungry after reading all the delicious items on the menu for Ektaa Kapoor’s Emmy celebration feast? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @ektarkapoor and @vikaskhannagroup/Instagram

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