Sampriti Setu Over River Hoogly Is A Lesser-Known Architectural Marvel Near Kolkata

by Suchismita Pal
Sampriti Setu Over River Hoogly Is A Lesser-Known Architectural Marvel Near Kolkata

Did you know that West Bengal is home to India’s first continuous truss bridge? The Sampriti Setu is an architectural marvel lying between Garifa Railway Station and Hoogly Ghat Railway station. It runs over River Hoogly and is one of the most exceptional projects of the Indian Railways. Also known as the New Jubilee Bridge, the Sampriti Setu was constructed as a replacement for the Jubilee Bridge.

Sampriti Setu Came As A Replacement Of The Former Jubilee Bridge

Sampriti Setu
Picture Credits: Wikipedia

On April 17, 2016, the last train passed through the Jubilee Bridge on the Hoogly river. On the same day, Jubilee Bridge was decommissioned, and the Sampriti Setu was launched on the Bandel-Naihati section of Eastern Railways. Jubilee Bridge, which held the status of being the first concrete link over the Hoogly river, served its purpose for 129 long years before Indian Railways decommissioned it in 2016. The Sampriti Setu runs for a length of 415 metres and offers stunning views of the mighty river.

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It Is India’s First Continuous Truss Bridge

Sampriti Setu
Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Interestingly, Sampriti Setu is India’s first continuous truss bridge. A continuous bridge has no hinges and spans and stands on three or more supports. Most continuous truss bridges are located in the United States. Some examples include Taylor-Southgate Bridge, Kingston–Rhinecliff Bridge, Francis Scott Key Bridge, Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge, Owensboro Bridge and Champlain Bridge, to name a few. The Ikitsuki Bridge in Japan is also a similar kind of bridge.

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Two parallel railway lines pass through the Sampriti Setu. Whenever we speak about Kolkata, we’re reminded of two prominent bridges- the Howrah Bridge and the Vidyasagar Setu. But this concrete and steel rail bridge also deserves your attention.

Cover Image Courtesy: @EasternRailway/Twitter