Saudi Arabia Now Has 9,119 Archaeological Sites; Saudi Heritage Comission Adds 202 New Sites To The List

The Kingdom has added new archaeological sites to the list of heritage locations! Here's all about it.

by Shreya Rathod
Saudi Arabia Now Has 9,119 Archaeological Sites; Saudi Heritage Comission Adds 202 New Sites To The List

Saudi Arabia’s history dates back to the Arabian Peninsula’s prehistoric era. As a major ancient trading hub, the peninsula has had a significant historical impact over the ages. You can witness the history ingrained in its structures and monuments. Saudi Heritage Commission has added 202 new archaeological sites to the list!

Saudi Heritage Commission Adds 202 New Archaeological Sites

The Kingdom has now a total of 9,119 historical sites after the addition of 202 archaeological locations. In fact, they include 102 sites from the Riyadh region, 20 from Asir and 80 sites from the Hail region. According to the X (formerly, Twitter) post, every site undergoes a rigorous recording procedure that starts with the original discovery. The process ends with an in-depth expert evaluation to verify the site’s archaeological importance. Lastly, the scientific and technical papers need to be written.

A collection of stone implements, including axes and weapons, was found in burials and cemeteries that date back to the early Islamic era and beyond. Rock art representing wolves, tigers, and deer, among other animal forms, was found at many locations together with Thamudic inscriptions. These locations display a range of stone constructions, including pillars, wells, and the fundamental remains of historic buildings.

Saudi’s heritage is outstanding and to protect it, the Commission has urged people to inform any new discoveries. Further, they emphasise the importance of community engagement for the growth and maintenance of the cultural legacy.

Historical Spots To Visit In The Kingdom

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Credits: Sammy Six/ Flickr

Madain Saleh: Previously referred to as Hegra, this is the most intact location of the Nabataean civilization. It has surviving magnificent tombs from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD with ornate façade. The site is a remarkable representation of Nabataean hydraulic prowess and architectural achievement.

Jabal Sawda: Situated at the brink of an impressive escarpment, Jabal Sawda is a large mountain that divides the coastal plain to the southwest. It reaches all the way to the Red Sea, from the high continental plateau with the city of Abha.

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Murabba Historical Palace: Al Murabba Historial Palace’s walls provide as a window into Riyadh’s rich past and a scene from its distant past. The palace and the area around it resembled a little city with a few structures.

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