Save Up To 20% On Flight Tickets For Your Next Vacation With Oman Air’s 24-Hour Sale!

by Deeplata Garde
Save Up To 20% On Flight Tickets For Your Next Vacation With Oman Air’s 24-Hour Sale!

Oman’s national carrier, Oman Air is set to bring a change in our vacation plans. The airline globally recognized to offer the best economy class experience is offering up to 20% discount on flight fares and we are rescheduling our routines to take advantage. But the offer is a 24-hour sale, so hurry up before the official website announces the conclusion of this limited-time sale.

Oman Air Introduces 24-Hour Sale On Flight Fares!

Oman Air has been soaring across the globe for 30 years now and they recently achieved this milestone. From starting the journey in 1993 to flying across 45 destinations at present, Oman Air has come a long way. The national carrier has won many accolades and recognized as the most punctual airline in the MENA region.

The region’s carrier has gained recognition for providing comfort and convenience during travel to millions of passengers. And the airline is renowned for launching offers and discounts once in a while. So we should take advantage of this 24-hour sale by Oman Air and book our vacation tickets now!

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How To Apply For This Offer?

24-hour sale
Pic Creds: Oman Air


1. Visit the official website of Oman Air and scroll down to the footer of the page
2. Click on the ‘Special Offers and enter the destinations to book your next vacation!

But there are certain terms and conditions for this 24-Hour Sale. Let’s Have A Look At It!

  1. The Sale starts on 12th April 2023 from 00:00 till 11:59 Muscat Time
  2. Book your tickets on 12th April and you can travel anytime between 12th April to 30th June ‘23.
  3. The offer applies to selected destinations by the airline.
  4. The discounts are applicable on Economy class; Super saver & Economy Light Fares.
  5. The 20% discount won’t be available for codeshare flights and interline partners

For further details, visit the official website of Oman Air and understand the rules and conditions for this special offer. Oman Air is working to broaden its network. Oman Air is building new market opportunities to provide more hassle-free services to its customers. The region’s national carrier has been growing rapidly at local and international levels. We can’t wait to book our tickets for discounted prices!

Cover Image Courtesy: Oman Air