Oman Air Will Increase Number Of Flights To Delhi, Kochi To Meet Increasing Demand

by Deeplata Garde
Oman Air Will Increase Number Of Flights To Delhi, Kochi To Meet Increasing Demand

The demand for an increase in flights is a usual request for imminent UAE airlines like Emirates and Etihad. But recently, Oman Air is also becoming part of the game. Similarly, Oman Air is also leading in its tractions. Hence there is an increase in demand for these airlines. Now there will be 10 instead of 7 flights that will depart between Muscat and Kochi, Delhi, and Chennai in India.

Oman Air Increases Flights

The rise in flight numbers will occur between Aug. 1 and Oct. 29. With the inclusion of 18 weekly flights, Oman air will offer a total of 122 weekly flights between Muscat and its eight Indian destinations. This will include 10 weekly flights each way to Delhi, Kochi, and Chennai. Also, it would have 7 weekly flights to Bangalore, Mumbai, Kozhikode, and Hyderabad, and 3 weekly flights to Goa.

All COVID-19 precautionary safety protocols and controls that had been in effect at the airport throughout Oman as of May 22, 2022, have been withdrawn. Visitors leaving Oman should check for information on all pre-departure standards and flight limitations.


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This Airline Transforms Muscat Into A Renowned Tourist Spot

By supporting nearby economic, commercial, and tourism sectors, the airline has contributed significantly to Muscat. It helped Muscat in becoming a well-liked tourist spot in the Middle East. Oman Air fleet includes, among other things, cutting-edge, fuel-efficient Boeing 737 and 787 Dreamliner aeroplanes with opulently furnished interiors.

Its status as a luxury, multi-award-winning carrier of great reputation has been cemented by advances in cutting-edge technologies, novel offerings, and improved guest relations.

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