Savour The World’s First Bottled Passion Fruit Pisco Infusion By COYA, Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
Savour The World’s First Bottled Passion Fruit Pisco Infusion By COYA, Dubai

COYA, the renowned Latin American luxury lifestyle brand, has unveiled an innovative creation that promises to redefine your cocktail experience. The world’s first bottled passion fruit pisco infusion, COYA 1615 Macerado, offers a vibrant and aromatic twist on the classic pisco. It’s crafted in collaboration with their long-standing distillery partner, Pisco 1615. This unique infusion invites both bartenders and enthusiasts to elevate their mixology game. Delve into the fascinating world of COYA 1615 Macerado, exploring its origins, taste, and potential to transform your cocktail repertoire.

Birth Of A Refreshing & Unique Infusion, COYA 1615 Macerado

COYA Dubai
Pic Creds: Press Release

COYA’s journey to create the COYA 1615 Macerado began with a quest to enhance their signature cocktail, the passion fruit pisco sour. With a decade of innovative mixology behind them, COYA’s commitment to crafting exceptional pisco infusions led them to partner with Pisco 1615. Peru’s status as the world’s leading exporter of passion fruit further fueled this collaboration.

COYA’s Corporate Bar Manager, Sany Bacsi, COYA Dubai Bar Manager Samy Rathnayake, and mixologists from various COYA locations embarked on a creative journey to produce this exceptional infusion. Their exploration took them to Peru, where they immersed themselves in the art of Pisco production. During the Vendimia yearly harvest, an event that involves selecting ripe grapes for Pisco, the COYA team conducted numerous taste tests. These experiences served as the foundation for COYA 1615 Macerado.

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A Blend for All

Pic Creds: Press Release

COYA 1615 Macerado boasts a tantalizing combination of fruity and floral notes. The infusion’s core ingredient is authentic passion fruit pulp, infusing the pisco with fragrant flavours. They both are vibrant and inviting. This unique blend elevates the traditional pisco, offering a refreshing twist for connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

This innovative infusion extends an invitation to bartenders worldwide to re-imagine their classic Concoctions. COYA’s introduction of the world’s first bottled passion fruit pisco infusion marks another milestone.  This infusion enhances classic cocktails & invites mixologists and enthusiasts to explore new horizons in mixology. Cheers to a future filled with ‘passion’ and innovation in every sip!

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