Seeking A North East Hidden Gem In 2023? Head To Montang In Tripura!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Seeking A North East Hidden Gem In 2023? Head To Montang In Tripura!

The Coronavirus-induced pandemic changed the entire way we perceive travel. Travel earlier meant visiting popular touristy destinations, iconic hill stations and renowned monuments across India and abroad. Now, travel means exploring hidden getaways and scenic landscapes that will nourish the mind, body and soul. Montang in Tripura is one such hidden gem in the North East that you must visit. Read on!

Montang Is Tripura’s Best Kept Secret

Montang, known as the ‘Mountain of Peace’, is nestled on the Atharamura hill range in Khowai district of Tripura. The lofty mountains, and cotton-candy-like white clouds make the hilly getaway stand true to its name, an abode for peace. Montang grew in popularity as a hidden gem of the North East after documentary filmmaker-turned-politician Kamal Kalai shared stunning pictures of his getaway.

Kamal Kalai built a ‘tong ghar’, a hut made with bamboo and timber to spend more time in Montang. The pictures of his tong ghar coupled with the scenic landscapes of the pristine destination left travellers in awe. Everyone desired to get a slice of peace at the mountain of peace. Montang is 80 km from Tripura’s capital, Agartala. You’d need to drive down along National Highway (NH8) which then takes you along a long serpentine road for 30 km right to the top of the Atharamura hills, where Montang quietly resides.

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It’s A Tranquil Getaway To Enjoy A Secluded Stay

Since Montang was discovered by the rest of India, thanks to Kamal Kalai’s pictures, it ended up becoming a popular tourist spot for travellers. The lofty mountains, pristine greens and tranquillity seemed perfect for travellers to catch up on me-time. And even take a much-needed social media detox. But there were others who slowly made Montang get a seat on the Reels table.

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Kamal Kalai revealed to The Indian Express that he wants to make Montang a full-blown tourist spot. Despite fewer eateries,  souvenir shops and other facilities, Montang still welcomes over 500 visitors on a daily basis. They are eager to buy indigenous handicrafts and even enjoy food eaten by the tribals like pork bharta.

Well, now that we’ve let you in on Tripura’s best-kept secret, when are you planning to visit Montang?

Cover Image Courtesy: TANAY and @Tripura2100/ Twitter