Set To Have 16,000 Vehicles Per Hour, Dubai Roads, Hessa & Umm Suqeim Street, Set For Expansion

by Deeplata Garde
Set To Have 16,000 Vehicles Per Hour, Dubai Roads, Hessa & Umm Suqeim Street, Set For Expansion

Dubai residents and daily commuters, get ready for significant improvements on the city’s road networks. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled ambitious plans for major upgrades to two vital roadways in Dubai. It’s aimed at reducing traffic congestion and enhancing the daily commute experience.

Hessa Street Expansion, Dubai Roads

One of the major projects in the pipeline is the expansion of Hessa Street. This significant upgrade will cover a stretch of 4.5 kilometres, extending from its intersection with Sheikh Zayed Road to its intersection with Al Khail Road. The expansion is set to increase its capacity to an impressive 16,000 vehicles per hour. This enhancement aims to ease traffic bottlenecks and offer smoother and faster journeys for commuters along this crucial corridor.

They will make enhancements over a 3-kilometre stretch, from the Infinity Bridge ramp to Cairo Street. Additionally, they plan to construct three underpasses, covering a total of 1.65 kilometres. These underpasses are expected to increase the overall capacity of this roadway by an estimated 12,000 vehicles per hour.

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Umm Suqeim Street Upgrade

In tandem with the Hessa Street project, Umm Suqeim Street is also in line for a substantial upgrade. This development will span 4.6 kilometres, from its intersection with Al Khail Road to its intersection with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. Just like Hessa Street, this upgrade will boost its capacity to 16,000 vehicles per hour. This will make the daily commute more efficient for residents and workers alike.

These comprehensive improvements are part of a broader strategy to tackle traffic congestion in Dubai. With an array of road enhancement projects already implemented this year, Dubai is steadfastly working towards smoother and more efficient roadways. The upcoming upgrades to Hessa and Umm Suqeim Streets will significantly reduce traffic, ease congestion, and shorten travel times for daily road users.

As Dubai continues to grow and evolve, these infrastructure enhancements are vital in ensuring a seamless and convenient transportation experience for all. Commuters can look forward to more efficient and hassle-free journeys as these projects take shape in the near future.

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