Sex And The City: From Carrie Cupcakes To Cosmopolitan, 10 Iconic Dishes & Drinks Featured In 6 Seasons & 2 Movies

And Just Like That, Sex and the City celebrates its 26th anniversary!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sex And The City: From Carrie Cupcakes To Cosmopolitan, 10 Iconic Dishes & Drinks Featured In 6 Seasons & 2 Movies

On June 6th, 1998, Sex and the City (SATC) premiered on HBO and modified the dynamic of friendships, love, fashion, careers, and relationships. And of course as a Carrie fan, an order of a classy cosmopolitan every time you hit the bars! With six successful series, two movies and a spin-off series, it has been 26 years since its debut. People still go gaga over SATC fashion, lifestyle, love affairs and the food showcased. One of the main things that stand out in this series is the iconic dishes and drinks that Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte are constantly consuming and raving about. We talked about some of the best ones.

Let’s Look At 10 Iconic Food And Drinks Featured In Sex And The City Universe

1. The Carrie Cupcakes

Did you know Magnolia Bakery had to change the name of their cupcakes to “The Carrie Cupcakes”? The bakery went viral after an episode in season 3 aired where Miranda and Carrie were seen gorging on yummylicious pink vanilla buttercream frosted cupcakes in front of the bakery. The place became so famous that SATC fans lined up to enjoy those cupcakes and the bakery had to rename the cupcakes.

2. Cosmopolitan

In the first episode of season 1 of Sex and the City, the girls are seen enjoying Cosmopolitans at Lucky Cheng’s as it is Miranda’s birthday. This drink was invented in New York and became a staple throughout the Sex And The City shows and movies. Towards the end of the show, they were wine drinkers rather than Cosmopolitans. But in the first series’ movie, they order a Cosmopolitan each for old times’ sake! Safe to say fans were elated to see it.

3. Dirty Martini

Ever wondered about throwing a drink in someone’s face? Well, in the season 5 premiere, Samantha meets with her ex Richard at Sushi Samba. He immediately informs her that he ordered a Dirty Martini for her. To which she throws the drink in his face and calls him a “dirty bastard”. This is what you get when you offer a die-hard Cosmopolitan drinker, a Dirty Martini!

4. Brownies

Samantha loves to eat junk once in a while, which can sometimes be a lot. In one episode of Sex and the City, Carrie bribes Samantha with some delicious free brownies from City Bakery. Samantha needed some bribery to get her to be more supportive towards Miranda who was recently a single mother.

5. Absolut Hunk Cocktail

Samantha loves her drinks! In season 6, her boyfriend upgraded from Jerry Jerrod to Smith Jerrod. In this episode, she ordered a drink by the same name when on a date with him. It was an ad campaign with Absolut which was altered as Absolut Hunk.

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6. Sushi

If you have watched the 2008 movie, you know what is in store for you! It was Valentine’s Day and Samantha went all out for her boyfriend, Smith, organising a lavish handmade sushi meal. Samantha took it to another level when she became a human sushi platter wearing just stilettos and sushi bites all over her body! Alas, her plan is futile when Smith is caught up at work and arrives late. Samantha was pissed by the time he came and throws a handful of sushi rolls at him.

7. “I Love You” Cookie Cake

This one is iconic and almost everyone who watched the show remembers it! So much so that you might even think of doing what Miranda did in this episode. The one where her new boyfriend Robert sent her a yummy “I Love You” cookie cake expressing his admiration and love for her. But she didn’t bother about it as it was too soon. She ended up finishing the entire cake in one sitting!

8. Hot Dog

When you are in New York, hot dogs are a go-to street food. Gray’s Papaya is a popular spot to indulge in your hot dog cravings for just $0.75! This is exactly what happened when Carrie’s driver took her to this spot after her extravagant book launch party. They enjoy the hot dogs and are offered one each on the house when the vendor learns about her new book. Win-win situation!

9. Banana Split

The girls enjoy a scrumptious Banana Split in season 6 when Carrie’s boyfriend Berger dumps her via a Post-it note. Carrie is in utter shock and rage after reading the breakup Post-it but after all the drama and calming down, they share a banana split to overcome Berger and their cravings.

10. Cheese Pizza

After a visit to the newly opened vegan and non-dairy restaurant Raw in Sex and the City, Carrie and Miranda are not satisfied with the cold food served there. Therefore, they decide to go for a second dinner and what better option than a cheesy pizza? They head over to East Village’s Two Boots Pizza and relish folded cheese pizza slices on paper plates. It is an iconic way to eat pizza in NYC.

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How many of these dishes and drinks have you tried or prepared in your home?

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