Check Out 7 Filming Locations Of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer, A Gripping Stalker Drama

Stalker Much?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Check Out 7 Filming Locations Of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer, A Gripping Stalker Drama

Last month, Netflix came out with a distressing drama series called Baby Reindeer which focuses on the real-life account of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd’s stalker. This harrowing seven-episode series is created by and starring Richard as the lead actor. He portrayed his character, Donny Dunn, who suffered from trauma, mental health issues and abuse at the hands of his female stalker, played by Jessica Gunning. We have curated a list of filming locations for Baby Reindeer, check or rather stalk it out.

Here Are 7 Filming Locations Of Netflix’s Baby Reindeer

1. F Cooke, Hoxton


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The gripping stalker journey began in episode 1 when Donny took Martha for a cup of coffee. This scene was filmed outside F Cooke, a famous pie and mash shop in Hoxton. Martha became obsessed with Donny so much that she wrote about these “coffee fun times” in one of the 40 thousand emails she sent him! This unhealthy stalking obsession spanned over six years but it triggered her when Donny confessed that he sees her as a friend rather than a lover.

2. The Regent’s Canal, Haggerston

The Regent’s Canal is shown throughout Netflix’s Baby Reindeer as it is his typical path to home. It is shown when he is on his way back home from a disastrous date with Teri in episode 3. Teri is trans and an American therapist, whom he met on a dating app. Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall was the filming location for this date. This leads to a late-night encounter with Martha who later sexually assaults him in the streets. Martha even mentions this spot rather in a threatening manner, a couple of times in her emails.

3. The Hoppy, Meadowbank

In episode three of Baby Reindeer, when we get to witness the dreadful experiences of Donny at the Edinburgh Festival. He strolls the lanes of Royal Mile to Grassmarket, before heading for his comedy show scheduled at a pub. The pub where he performs is depicted as The Hoppy and only its exteriors were shot for it.

4. Army & Navy, Stoke Newington

For the actual filming location of his standup comedy gigs, the interiors of Army & Navy were shot. It is a pub where regulars catch up on football matches but are interrupted by a regular gig by Donny. He ends up meeting Darrien, a writer, at this pub who later grooms and abuses him.

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5. Rivoli Ballroom, Brockley

In Baby Reindeer, this popular filming spot was utilised for Donny’s emotional breakdown in episode six. He performs in front of an unattentive audience at the finale of a comedy competition. Here, he speaks about how he has been running away all his life and can’t assume making out alive.

6. The Comedy Store, Leicester Square

This is an iconic comedy club for all the comedians and is one of the prominent filming locations of this Netflix drama’s last episode. He ends up sharing Martha’s stalking tales and sexual abuses publically in a gig where he gathers a bit of empathy from the audience. This becomes viral and lastly, he gets his long-awaited redemptive moment at the gig at The Comedy Store.

7. Greenwich Magistrates’ Court, Greenwich

This is the place where Martha was dragged to court for stalking and obsessively emailing Donny 41,071 times! She finally faces justice at this court. In Baby Reindeer, this is also used as a police station for Donny when he ends up having conversations with an utterly unhelpful police officer.

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