Sharjah Airports Distribute Eid Gifts To Travelers

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah Airports Distribute Eid Gifts To Travelers

Eid is a special occasion for everyone in UAE. People waiting for the whole year to celebrate just this day makes it memorable. Apart from food and lights and the frolic around, receiving gifts is one of the major reasons to be happy. In Islam giving eidiya during Eid to the younger from older families or relatives is a specifically mentioned tradition. Hence, Sharjah Airport Officials made extra effort to make this Eid special and unforgettable for the visitors.

Sharjah Airport Surprised Visitors With Eidiya

Travellers received lovely white gift boxes wrapped in a brown cloth and a message stating ‘Eid Mubarak’ by authorities at the airport. The video shows people being pleasantly surprised and accepting the presents with humility. Some people are absolutely taken aback by this gesture of charity, but the kids appear to be immensely delighted to receive the gift boxes. In the first quarter of 2022, Sharjah Airport handled more than three million passengers.

What Importance Does Eidiya Carry-In UAE?

Families all throughout the world have a custom of giving children presents at religious festivals. For Muslims, these gifts are commonly in the form of eidiyah or spending money that they give children during Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha festivities. However, the practice is far from ubiquitous. Some families may not offer eidiyah at all, while others view it as a prize for finishing a month of fast in Ramadan. Parents may even gift their adult children beautiful envelopes full of cash. Residents in the UAE, and Sharjah as well customarily offer eidiyah to youngsters in their families and in the community.

While the custom has recently taken a more commercial turn, with gifts such as cellphones and game consoles becoming more widespread. Some parents prefer to educate their children on the value of money by providing financial assets instead.

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