Shayar Chef: Meet 85-YO Dadi Who Makes Innovative Recipes Along With Funny Shayaris

This 85-YO dadi is winning hearts on the Internet with her unique cooking lessons peppered with her funny shayari.

by Tooba Shaikh
Shayar Chef: Meet 85-YO Dadi Who Makes Innovative Recipes Along With Funny Shayaris

The Internet is full of funny, whacky and wholesome content. Owing to the rise of “influencer culture” many people are increasingly turning to social media to share their creativity and unique personality. This also extends to food content. Unique ways of presenting and preparing food are gaining popularity as more people are attracted to it. Usually, these trends are showcased by young people but this 85-year-old dadi is winning hearts on the Internet with her unique cooking lessons.

85-YO Dadi Makes Innovative Recipes As Well As Shayaris

Vijay Nischal who is at the ripe age of 85 was recently catapulted into the limelight when her unique ways of presenting recipes and cooking classes took the Internet by storm. If you aren’t already familiar with her videos, firstly, you should rectify this immediately because they’re hilarious and very helpful if you’re learning how to cook.

She starts all her videos with a funny Shayari or a couplet which rhymes with the dish she is about to cook. She then proceeds to show you how the recipe is to be made. Her explanation is simple and easy to follow. The steps that she breaks down the recipe into are also very convenient. She whips up delicious snacks like Pani Puri, French Fries, and even Oven-less cake.

You can find her on YouTube as well as on Instagram; her handle is @dadikirasoi01. In one of the interviews which was shared on her Instagram, she revealed that she has been cooking since she was a child! Surprisingly, her teacher wasn’t her mom, which is what is usually expected, but her dad! Dadi also said that she started the YouTube channel at her grandson’s behest.

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More About Her Journey And Her Unique Videos

Despite not knowing anything about social media, she started her YouTube channel. There, she did what she loved most – cooking. In the end, she got loads of love and support from the people of the Internet. She shared a reel on her Instagram which showed that she hit 1,000 subscribers. This was on October 27. Now, her YouTube channel has more than 75 thousand subscribers!

She is also an advocate of self-care and self-love and honestly, we could learn a lot from her and we don’t just mean cooking. Since the advent of her social media career, she has won millions of hearts with her amazing shayaris and even more amazing recipes. We hope that this shayar chef will continue to share beginner-friendly recipes with us!

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Have you ever seen anything more wholesome and unique than this? Let us know in the comments section below!

Click here to see her YouTube channel!

Cover Image Credits: @dadikirasoi01/Instagram

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