Shimla’s 1st Rooftop Bar Offers 360 Degree Jaw-Dropping Views, Delectable Food And Herbal Hookahs

rooftoop bar
by Shreya Ghosh 218

The first visual image that pops into our mind when we hear about Shimla is a serene place surrounded by lush greenery in abundance, great weather, and a successful attempt in staying very close to nature. What about experiencing this exact ambience and witnessing the most majestic views from a rooftop bar in Shimla? Say hello to SkyBar, the first and only rooftop bar of Shimla and undoubtedly the most happening place in this Himachali city.

When In Shimla, Visiting SkyBar Is A Must!


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Nestled in Hotel Willow Banks at 7300 ft, SkyBar welcomes all its guests to spend some moments watching unending views of magnificent Shimla and its beauty and gorge on delish food. You are bound to have a splendid time in this rooftop bar with such 360-degree picturesque landscapes surrounding you and blessing your eyes with serenity. No matter when you are visiting this rooftop bar, be it noon, evening, or night, the place looks alluring at all times. From seeing the Sun setting in the West to enjoying the glittering lights of the cityscape in the evening, you will become the biggest fan of this bar.

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Sitting in a cosy corner on the rooftop, sipping on your favouring beverage or drink, and enjoying the sun rays falling on you; the perfect combination to enjoy the cold breeze of Shimla.

Get More Than Just Breathtaking Views At This Rooftop Bar In Shimla


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The ambience and views are surely some of the biggest highlights at Shimla’s SkyBar but it has too much more to offer than only these. To set the mood right with your family and friends, indulge in a feast of lip-smacking food and beverages served here. From Continental to North Indian, there are so many cuisines from the world to try here. This rooftop bar is well-known in the city for being the best Herbal Hookah lounge. So, hookah lovers now you know where to visit to get herbal hookah during your holiday in Shimla.

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Also, if you are a fan of cocktails, this is where you need to be! The cocktail menu here is tempting with special and unique recipes. From magic hour to mountain special cocktails, it adds the perfect element to your visit to enjoy a gala time here.

So ready for a good time in Shimla?

Where: Hotel Willow Banks, Longwood, Shimla

When: 2 PM – 10:30 PM

Price: ₹1,600 for two people (approx.)

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ SkyBar (skybarshimla)