This Shimla Resort Can Be Your Ultimate Escape To Experience What Fairytale Looks Like

by Sanmita A
This Shimla Resort Can Be Your Ultimate Escape To Experience What Fairytale Looks Like

Shimla turns magical during winter. The weather is mesmerising, and if you love winter, this hill station is going to woo you with its winter charm. Among everything you do in Shimla, a few homestays in the town make trips here worth it. A resort in this famous tourist town is Sunnymead. According to the website, Sunnymead is one of the few historic residences in this winter town that will welcome you with warmth during the cold season. Read on to know why you must have this Shimla resort as your ultimate escapade.

This Shimla Resort Has Traditional Dhajji Architecture

Sunnymead boasts of its ancient and traditional Dhajji architecture, which the owners are trying to preserve. The owners had the resort replastered and repaired to cater to visitors and travellers across the country. Apart from the renovations, the owners also ensured keeping the place’s vibe intact as possible. All the renovation took place without damaging the environment around the resort and without harming the trees. The food prepared in the resort is made from local produce. Further, rainwater harvesting is also done within the resort. With high social commitment, they even provide the guests with organic and Ayurvedic toiletries.

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Experience Homely, Fairy Tale Vibes

If you’re looking for a place that feels like home, cosy, and nothing less than magical, this resort in Shimla will fulfil your wishes. The site looks dreamy when the snow falls, like a scene from a Hollywood movie set. Well, we can ensure that this homestay will provide you with an experience which will stay with you for a long time.

Where: Below The Cart Road, near the Old MLA Quarters and Hotel Blossom, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171 004

Contact: +91 9736 5840 45/

Cover Image Courtesy: Sunnymead/Instagram