Shivam Bhardwaj, The Guy In A Skirt Is Here To Shatter Gender Norms In Fashion

by Tooba Shaikh
Shivam Bhardwaj, The Guy In A Skirt Is Here To Shatter Gender Norms In Fashion

If you’ve travelled in Mumbai local trains lately and were caught off-guard by an enchanting man dressed in luscious flowing skirts, you weren’t dreaming. You just had the good fortune of witnessing Shivam Bhardwaj in action, who is also otherwise known as the guy in a skirt. His primary aim is to destigmatise men wearing skirts, which he does by wearing skirts openly in public. His fashion sense and style are bound to leave your jaw on the ground.

Shivam Bhardwaj, The Guy In A Skirt

Many people in the queer community strive to break gender norms when it comes to fashion. But more often than not, it is hindered due to safety concerns. There are very few limited spaces where they can safely express themselves through their clothes.

However, Shivam Bhardwaj is striving to change that. He started wearing skirts as a way to express and explore his love for fashion. Pretty soon, he came to be recognised for it and found a community that supported his endeavours. He was greatly humbled at the amount of support he received from people.

His Instagram account is a shrine to his efforts at defeating gendered clothing norms. By openly dressing in skirts and other clothes that aren’t stereotypically made for men, Shivam is inching towards normalising and destigmatising skirts for men.

Not only will this help dissociate gender from clothes, but also make public spaces more open to trans people and people who don’t identify with the gender binary.

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Breaking Stereotypes In Public

Shivam is clearly living his best life while smashing the stereotypes of fashion. He even got to meet the beautiful Katrina Kaif who, no doubt, was admiring his fashion.

He also uses his platform to send a message about the gender neutrality of make-up which is usually seen as a feminine thing.

Wearing skirts and travelling in local trains is clearly what he loves doing the most. The people around him always seem too transfixed by his confidence and allure and who would blame them?

And here’s how he celebrated Naatu Naatu winning an oscar!

He even visited the iconic Gateway of India wearing whatever he felt like wearing!

Nothing to see here, just a fabulously dressed individual shopping for groceries!

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Cover Image Credits: @theguyinaskirt/Instagram