Shocking Photos Of How Carribbean Sea Has Been ‘Choked To Death By Waste’

It isn’t a secret that the earth is under a massive threat due to the increase in toxic plastic waste, and deforestation. Every year tonnes of plastic waste is accumulated from the seas and the oceans from all across the globe. This plastic waste that ends up making its way into the water bodies has put the entire marine ecosystem into grave danger. While many of us have taken a back seat assuming there is still time, here is photographic proof of the terrible end our world is headed towards.

Image Credits: Caroline Powers

What Is It?

Caroline Powers, an underwater photography specialist captured the damage done to the oceans and seas with plastic and Styrofoam. The images were taken near a tranquil Caribbean Island and show a heart wrenching image of the Caribbean Sea being choked by a 5 mile long blanket of plastic waste.

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Image Credits: Caroline Powers

The plastic blanket of forks, bottles, and rubbish is located between the islands Roatan and Cayos Cochinos 15 miles off the coast of Honduras. Once this trash has entered the ocean it is very difficult and extremely expensive to remove. Thus, the key to avoid this situation is to stop the trash before it enters the marine ecosystem.

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Image Credits: Caroline Powers

We as a community need to improve our waste management systems, impart environmental education to the coming generation, and improve the recycling facilities, because this problem is no more confined to third world countries but has turned into a global problem.

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Image Credits: Caroline Powers

What’s More?

According to Powers, this is the worst case of rubbish found off the coast of Roatan heading towards the Cayos Cochinos Marine Reserve. What used to be one of the most pristine diving sites has turned into a 5 mile stretch of garbage floating on the Caribbean sea.

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Image Credits: Caroline Powers

These images are nothing but a warning that if we do not change our ways now, very soon there will be more plastic in the oceans than fishes.

Angel Srivastava
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