Siddhant Chaturvedi & Ishaan Khatter’s Bromance Will Totally Melt Your Heart, We Love How They Feed Each Other | Curly Tales

by Sanmita A
Siddhant Chaturvedi & Ishaan Khatter’s Bromance Will Totally Melt Your Heart, We Love How They Feed Each Other | Curly Tales

If one thing we have noticed recently among Bollywood actors is the emerging bromance. In the recent episode of Sunday Brunch, Curly Tales Chief Travelling Officer Kamiya Jani hosts the Phone Bhoot cast, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ishaan Khatter and Katrina Kaif, for a delightful brunch and holds a fun and interesting conversation with them over food, travel and even makeup. Read on to know how the actors treat each other on and off set.

Siddhant & Ishaan Feed Each Other

Siddhant Ishaan

We brought together a scrumptious spread for Siddhant, Ishaan and Katrina. We also arranged the spread keeping in mind the actors’ choices and likes. Though we know how particular the Bollywood fraternity is when it comes to eating and relishing rich and heavy Indian delicacies, satiating the cravings once in a while is worth it. Especially when you’re up for a Sunday Brunch with the travel and food expert, Kamiya Jani. As we served pav bhaji for Siddhant, who loves street food, pasta for Ishaan and Sada dosa for Kat, the three in no time dug into the meals happily. Among all the conversations, banters and leg pulling, what stood out was Ishaan and Siddhant feeding each other a bite or two. Katrina, too, engaged in eating with them as they spoke of how they eat and what they love.

We were in awe of their bond in the recent Sunday Brunch With Curly Tales episode.

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Sid, Ishaan & Kat’s Sunday Brunch Meals At Home

Ishaan Khatter

On being asked what Siddhant, Ishaan and Katrina usually eat for Sunday Brunch at home, they shared the most amazing dishes. As for Siddhant, he loves how his Mum prepares kachoris, aloo puri and jalebis. His morning too, has these dishes on the menu. While Ishaan’s brunch meals include eggs and pancakes, and he also tells how he enjoys eating waffles. As for Katrina Kaif, her Sunday brunch is what is usually cooked in a Punjabi household, and that is parathas. She shares how parathas are cooked, and the family eats it with white butter, lassi or even buttermilk.

Well, what does your Sunday brunch look like? Watch the recent episode of Sunday Brunch with Curly Tales to know more about Siddhant, Ishaan and Katrina and also find out about their latest film, Phone Bhoot.

Cover Image Courtesy: Curly Tales India