Since 2018, This Couple Has Been Travelling For FREE Around The World! Here’s How.

by Shreya Rathod
Since 2018, This Couple Has Been Travelling For FREE Around The World! Here’s How.

Living a nomad life is not that simple as it involves great amounts of risk and uncertainty. However, with rising housing prices and flexible working hours, many people are becoming digital nomads. Similarly, a couple decided to ditch their rented apartments and travel around the world!

This Couple Travelled The World For Free!

couple travels for free
Credits: Marco Ilagan/ Facebook

Fran Cassaniti is from Argentina and Marco Ilagan is from Chicago. Both of them are travel enthusiasts and were in a long-distance relationship. And just like other couples in long-distance relationships, they relied on FaceTime calls most of the time. However, they had date nights in all parts of the world and met in India, Thailand, or Brazil to spend time.

The couple had the same desire to travel the world when they first met in 2016. They gave up their corporate careers, gave up their rented apartments, and began travelling as a couple in January 2018. But only after dating for a year and preparing and saving for another year. Six months later, the pair made their way to Hawaii after beginning their voyage in Ilagan’s native Philippines.

But because they intended to maintain a life-coaching business while travelling, they realised that changing hotels or hostels every five days wasn’t practical for them. According to Fran Cassaniti, they were looking for ways to continue travel, save on accommodation and have stability.

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Taking inspiration from another nomad couple on Instagram, they decided to become house sitters. Within 15 days, they were accepted for a house-sitting job in Anchorage, Alaska.

Though they were nervous for the first time, the pets made it simple for them. At present, they have done 25 house-sitting jobs, which include a retreat in Utah with two Alaskan malamutes, a beach retreat in Grenada, etc.

Difficulties Faced As A Nomad

couple travels for free
Credits: Marco Ilagan/ Facebook

The only time they had any trouble surviving on nothing was in March 2020 when the epidemic struck and they lost a month’s worth of reservations. However, after staying with friends in Chicago, they were able to secure a house-sitting position in a Florida golf enclave.

The locals used golf carts to go around, whether they were going to the golf course or the grocery store. The neighbours would arrange drive-in concerts, which provided the couple with one of their greatest highlights.

Additionally, the pair does not pay for their airfare in addition to their housing. Marco Ilagan came across a site in 2014 that claimed applying for a credit card would qualify you for free flights.

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He now pays for flights with points and miles from his credit cards.

Cover Image Courtesy: Marco Ilagan/ Facebook