Sirao Garden In Philippines Should Totally Be On Your Bucket List, Here’s Why

by Mrunal Mahajan
Sirao Garden In Philippines Should Totally Be On Your Bucket List, Here’s Why

Sirao Garden in the Philippines has recently caught a lot of attention from tourists and is a paradise for all garden lovers. People from all over the world are appreciating this beautiful flower garden in Cebu city. There are a variety of flowers here and the colours that are spread across this garden, it is just a delightful sight! But that’s not even the best part!


There is another garden adjacent to Sirao and tourists are visiting this one to click some stunning pictures for their social media. Some of the pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Take a look at the props they have made, the big hand structure on the cliff is mesmerising! Looking at these pictures, Sirao is now officially on my bucket list.

Image Credits: ooo_lin_ooo/Instagram

They also have a swing set, a bicycle, cute little wooden bridges and a lot more.

Image Credits: binibinilovetravels

The Sirao garden is also popularly called a ‘Mini Amsterdam’ by tourists and visitors because of the world-famous ‘Keukenhof’ flower garden. Well, Sirao is no less! The flowers here are varied species and they are so well kept, well-aligned and maintained. In this flower farm, they have made cute arrangements for tourists to click photos turning it into a totally Instagrammable spot.

Image Credits: Blushing Geek

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It has attracted tourists from foreign countries and gaining more and more attraction to the small city of Cebu. It is the most visited spot and for all the right reasons! The garden is 8,000-square-meter, which is huge and they have a lot of species of flowers and the highlight of this garden is Celoria flower which blooms in the month of October. You will be amazed to know that the flower is an edible flower, parts of it are used in the stew and soups.

Image Credits: Steemit


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You will be amazed to know how this amazing garden was started in the first place. A couple started growing flowering plants and sold them. These beautiful flowers soon caught the eye and ever since the garden came into existence. They decided to not cut these flowers and maintained a beautiful garden for them.