Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge

by Yashasvi Shaktawat
Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge

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Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge, located in the middle of a forest in South-East Asia.

What Is It?

Located in the Situ Gunung Tourist Park, Sukabumi – West Java, which has been one of the tourist attractions for years and it is also a part of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.

The bridge was constructed in the mid of 2017. The process of constructing the bridge was done manually by involving locals and experts from Bandung. The bridge was completed in less than a year, despite of not using heavy machinery in the construction. The length for this bridge reaches 250m with a height of 150m wide.

What’s In It?

The bridge has been certified and passed the load test held by for the sake of safety and comfort, by Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing.

Crossover and witness the beauty of this suspension bridge in South-East Asia, marvel at the Sawer Falls and Situ Gunung Lake at Situ Gunung Tourist Park. Moreover, you would rather be challenged by the experience of walking in the sky on the 99-Bridge.

You can take a short break after that little excursion and rest up by settling on a bench at the Lake View Balcony. Enjoy the soothing views of Situ Gunung Lake while sipping on a cup of coffee for a healing experience.

Take a walk at the shady rainforest and if you’re lucky you’ll witness the three endemic primates like Surili, Langur, and Javan Gibbon hanging around on the trees. Moreover, you can spot other forest animals like squirrels, pangolins, wildcats, even black-panther, and of course various types of birds.


In addition to this, there are camping facilities and lodging facilities at the Situ Gunung Tourist Park. Some facilities are provided to make you feel more comfortable while having a holiday. There are clean and well-maintained rooms and playing rooms, there are more than 10 units of restrooms, a pray room, and a mosque provided here.

Get more intimate and blend in with nature by indulging in an overnight stay in comfortable tents pitched in right amidst nature to give you a stargazing experience in the cold night surrounded by trees. Other facilities include boating, canoeing, and flying fox.


Address: Situgunung Suspension Bridge, Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit, Sukabumi, West Java 43153
Phone: +628111440144
Cost: Entry ticket to Situ Gunung Bridge (₹18,500), Flying Fox (₹25,000), Boating (₹20,500), Camping (₹30,000 – approx.).
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