Six Things to know before you Embark on your Cruise Vacation!

by Kamiya Jani
Six Things to know before you Embark on your Cruise Vacation!

Everything at one Cruise

Helipad, amphitheater, water parks, discos, video games, spa, gym, jacuzzi and lots of entertainment, ships these days, offer whatever it is you’re looking for. This ‘floating’ resort takes you to the calm open waters, scented ocean breeze, and several destinations in one holiday. If you have never cruised before, here are the six things that you need to keep in mind before you embark on your first holiday at sea.


1. It’s Ok to be Sea-Sick

It feels like the cruise moves at a snail speed. It’s only when you are lying down, you realise that you are sailing in a ship. It’s totally okay to be on a long cruise vacation without feeling giddy at all. This is coming from me, an extremely sea sick sensitive person who didn’t feel a thing while I spent six nights in Star Cruise Virgo. You will neither feel homesick nor seasick!

2. Know the Dress Code

Remember the cabins are of a matchbox size, you don’t want to end up sharing most of your space with the suitcase than with your loved ones. So, before you pack in your flip flops and shorts or tuxedos and gowns, it’s better to know all about the dress code in the ship. There are certain sections where slippers or shorts may not be allowed. At the same time, you don’t want to be walking around like Kate where everyone else is dressed casually. Please speak to the company before packing in.

3. Be on-time for Departure!

While this may seem obvious, the number of people who miss the cruise due to traffic, delayed flights and weather issues is in hundreds. So it’s better to arrive at the destination a night before. Find out all about the port in advance because the ship will not wait for you!

4. Carry all your Medicines

Remember you are going to be far from the civilization surrounded by only water and water. No Chemist will come to your rescue in case of a severe body ache or headache. You are more likely to spend a fortune on doctor fees instead. So for anything minor like aches or pains, please do pack in your pop-ins.

5. Get the Right Travel Insurance

Better be safe than sorry! Foreign healthcare can be extremely expensive. Get yourself covered with a travel insurance for a minuscule amount and make sure you have your paperwork with you.

6. Take Lifeboat Drills Seriously

Yes seriously, not how we ignore the air-hostess yapping in an aircraft. During the muster drill, please take note of everything that is being said to you. From the designated muster station to the lifeboat number, every detail needs to be stored in your memory folder for any emergencies!

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