Skydive: Five Reasons Why You Should Make The Jump

by Kamiya Jani
Skydive: Five Reasons Why You Should Make The Jump

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Jumping off a perfectly flying aircraft is not what normal people do. But, there are lots of people who fly high in the sky only to free fall. I did that!

What is so magical about the experience? To be honest, words can’t do justice but here’s an attempt!

1. Face Your Fear

When we don’t accept uncertainty, it becomes fear, when we accept it, it becomes adventure. As philosophical as it may sound, it takes a daredevil to jump into a complete void. But here’s some motivation, be assured that death can come to someone sleeping down there and he who makes the jump is alive and still jumping about in life.

Take inspiration from other skydivers and push yourself for there is no better way than of letting go off your fears than by freefalling and accepting all that comes your way. The natural fear of height and danger will vanish as soon as you make the jump. skydive3


2. Sense Of Freedom

I am still looking for an experience that makes me feel as free as I did flying in the air with no barriers around me. I get a profound feeling of freedom while skydiving, making me forget of any stress or problems of daily life.  Thousand feet away from everyday life, you are surrounded by the vast blue sky is not any close to nervousness or scary, its meditative.



3. Nature & Beauty

Thousands of feet above civilisation, flying in a void while you enjoy a birds eye view of the world, you realise you are a part of God’s best creation. The pleasure of being a human flight and enjoying the beautiful view of mountains, roads, greenery is sure to leave you spellbound.

You may think that the ride up to altitude and jump will be scary, nerve-wracking and intense. There’s nothing like some fresh air and being able to see for miles, or flying past some nice puffy cumulus clouds.


4. Safe & Easy

You are more likely to die crossing the road than by skydiving. Believe it or not, skydiving is not as dangerous as you may think. Each and every equipment is checked, double checked and cross checked. Safety is supreme when it comes to skydiving.

Even the parachute comes with a back-up chute just in case. And to guide you, you’ll be jumping with instructors who have hundreds of successful dives under their belts.


5. Tale To Tell

Your social media account will be flooded with the mother of all selfies out there and your friends will be insanely jealous. It can be the best Monday-morning story for someone who asks you, “So, what did you do over the weekend.”

skydive 5

The only downside to skydiving is that it is expensive and addictive! You are going to immediately want to do it all over again.

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