Slide Down The Alps & Experience A Trip To Heaven At This Amazing Mountain Coaster In Switzerland

by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 2331

Skiing in the Swiss Alps is one of the best experiences one can have. The sight of the snow-capped mountains and the fresh snow, not only lets you have fun while skiing, but it also lets you make some memories that you cherish for eternity. And when it comes to the Swiss Alps, they are the best experience while moving. The Alps are quite expansive, and staying in a perfect resort helps to experience them at their best. In fact, in Kandersteg, Switzerland, there is a resort that gives guests a new way to experience the mountains: An almost 2,500-foot metal slide takes visitors down the sides of a green mountain, through patches of wildflowers and forests of lush green trees.

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Mountain Coaster Gives A Panoramic Views Of The Swiss Alps

Hotel Oeschinensee’s mountain coaster is a toboggan slide that gives riders sweeping panoramic views of the UNESCO World Heritage Site as they slide their way down. To experience this, riders mount their single-person sledge which starts as a roller coaster and then turns into an epic slide with moving views of the Alps. Doesn’t this sound like a snow roller coaster? 

Pic Credit: GoBeepBeep

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The Ride Is Open From May Through October 

If you are planning to experience this, then you must remember that cars are banned on the mountain top, so you have to take a cable car or hike your way up at the top. The hike generally takes about 1.5 hours to complete. When it comes to taking the ride, it’s open from May through October and is closed for winter. 

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In terms of price, one ride on the mountain coaster costs $5 while a bundle of 10 trips will cost about $35. And if you are staying in the hotel, then you can also take a rowboat across the hotel’s Oeschinensee Lake. Alternatively, you can also take an Electromobile through the mountains or order a picnic with wine and enjoy the mountainside with your gang! 

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