Sly Granny In Delhi’s Khan Market Whips Up Cool Dishes With A Side Of Hipster Vibe And We Love It!

by Tejashee Kashyap
Sly Granny In Delhi’s Khan Market Whips Up Cool Dishes With A Side Of Hipster Vibe And We Love It!

One step into the narrow but upscale lanes of Delhi’s Khan Market and your eyes are dazzled with all manners of eateries—from cafés to cocktail bars popping up here and there. While places cannot get enough of the pale, Scandinavian-chic route, the hipster granny’s vacation house—Sly Granny, is a breath of fresh air. It was in 2018 when they debuted in Khan Market, having come all the way from Bengaluru. And since then, it hasn’t ceased to delight food connoisseurs.

Wooing Patrons


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Having come there a humble number of times, I still keep finding my way back here. The place celebrates the life of a wicked, smart, wise and eccentric granny. And her home is still the samecosy and warm. She still continues to embrace a quirky aesthetic.

As you climb a short flight of dimly lit stairs, your eyes go to the walls laden with a haphazard collection of paintings and photographs. Granny is not afraid of prints and colours, something I always get inspired to imbibe in my life every time I come here.

There are pictures from her travels and posters of her favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing his muscles adorning the walls.  Printed wallpapers, pop art, modern paintings, brass furnishings and dim lighting add to a strange kind of quirky decor—it’s comfortable and inviting always.


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The place is spread across two floors. The first one is a dining space whereas the second one is more like a cocktail parlour. A seat on the second floor takes good time; you need patience. And I can understand why. Even after two years, the restaurant is always bustling, be it on weekdays or weekends. Delhi’s usual suspects—families, dating couples, teenagers and patrons of solo dining— all line up to have a table at this 38-seat-eatery.

But if you have time on your hands, wait for a seat on the second floor. That’s what I tell everyone going there. My favourite continues to be a cosy table for two right next to a huge glass window pane upstairs. The area might be smaller but it oversees their cocktail bar, offset by modern art on the walls. The area is a reflection of history and modernity with a soothing jazz soundtrack that allows for conversation and panoramic views.

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Sips & Bites At Sly Granny

The menu is an amalgamation of various cuisines but mostly European with every dish having its own twists and turns. And also, if you’re visiting any of Granny’s homes across the country, she’s throwing a special birthday menu, only till the 24th of this month. The globe-trotting grandmother has put together her most secret recipes and cocktail combinations from all over her vacation homes.

Sly Granny
Lychee Rose Martini 2.0; Credits: Press release/Sly Granny

Beginning with cocktails, they hardly disappoint. Start with their Lychee Rose Martini 2.0—it’s assertive but beautifully balanced. There’s something about martinis—you feel like James Bond, like a Hollywood superstar from the ‘50s, or like a business executive from the ‘Mad Men’ era.

Although not a fan of martinis, my friend— also, a patron of sly granny and martinis—has always told me how their flavours are bright and subtle which hits you right. Moreover, it’s a martini with no vermouth or gin—this refreshing vodka, and lychee juice garnished with rose petals makes for a distinctly Indian twist.  Other standouts would be Frenchie with red wine and date whisky, Siam Intercontinental with gin and kaffir lime syrup and Breakfast Bramble with gin, blackberry and yoghurt.

A trip to Sly Granny is incomplete without their infamous chicken liver pâté. We keep returning to this dish which is smooth and melt-in-the-mouth with a hint of sweetness; it’s creamy and has a mellow flavour. The grilled lamb chops are another must-have. It’s a well-cooked medium rare meat that is served with red-wine shallots with accompanying potato gratin.

Even desserts at Sly Granny are truly the showstoppers. End your hearty meal with their biscoff cheesecake that has everything. It’s creamy, decadent and rich, but also comes with a crunch at times. As you engage in hearty conversations with your friends, your spoon will still continue to dart back into the cheesecake. Well, talk about sinful desserts! Additionally, Chef Mukul ensures that you always leave here, satisfied and well-fed.

Sly Granny brings a well-thought marriage of flavours which makes sense for their righteous popularity and win. And every time you come back here, the same comforting notes hit again and you keep returning to Granny with gusto!

Where: Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi
When: 12–11:30 pm
Cost: ₹2,000 for two people (approx.)

Cover image credits: Website/Sly Granny