Smart BRO Cafes Are Coming Soon To 75 border Locations In India

by Ishita Agarwal
Smart BRO Cafes Are Coming Soon To 75 border Locations In India

Next time, when you visit Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, or Uttarakhand, you can eat in BRO cafés. The Ministry of Defence has recently sanctioned the establishment of BRO Cafes at 75 sites across 12 states and union territories. These cafés will set up on various stretches of highways managed by the Border Roads Organization (BRO). 

What Facilities Will Be Included In BRO Cafes?

Parking for two and four-wheelers, bathrooms for men, women, and the differently-abled food plaza/restaurants. Additionally, the cafes will also have MI rooms, first-aid rooms, and other amenities available at BRO Cafes. 

Agencies will build the BRO Cafes facilities via public-private cooperation with agencies on a licensing basis. However, the agreement will be valid for 15 years for licensees.  Imagine the next time you will travel to Lahaul or secluded areas of Arunachal Pradesh. These BRO cafes will be ready to host you. 


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How May BRO Cafes Will Be Set Up?

According to reports, the BRO has suggested seven cafés along the Powari-Kaurik route in Himachal Pradesh. Moreover,  including Sissu in Lahaul, Manali, and Kharo, and Sumdo in Kinnaur. BRO will operate 11 cafés across Uttarakhand, including Darkot, Bhaironghati, Gwaldam, Birahi, Manera Bypass, Pandukeshwar, Kamand, Nagni, and Majri Grant, to provide guests with a unique experience. However, travellers in Jammu and Kashmir will enjoy BRO facilities at up to 12 sites.

According to reports, BRO will open 14 cafés around Ladakh, including Kargil, Matiyan, Khaltse, Mulbek, Leh, Rumtse, Hunder, Choglamsar, and Debring, Sarchu, Pang, Agham, Hanle, and Nyoma.

Those interested in exploring the Northeast can also discover sophisticated BRO cafés in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Manipur. Moreover, BRO will have cafés on the plains, in the border state of Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal. 

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Picture Credits: Twitter (BRO)

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