Smoked Bun Restaurant Is Offering Cheeselicious ‘Come To Dubai Fries’ In Sharjah That You’ve Gotta Try

Smoked Bun
by Anupriya Mishra

While there are many restaurants in Sharjah, there is none so spectacular as the Smoked Bun Restaurant. A highly Instagrammable cafe, this place is gaining quite a bit of traction for its quirky albeit delicious-looking dishes. We are especially talking about their cheesy and delicious-looking loaded fries, called Habibi Come To Dubai Fries.

Habibi Come To Dubai Fries Are Absolutely Tempting


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If you are someone who relishes french fries, then chances are that you are constantly on the prowl for places where you get those good old fries with a quirky twist. While there are many people who prefer the original salted version, there are many out there who want to try these fries with a variety of toppings. After all, there are many such quirky options available in Sharjah. One such quirky option is the Habibi Come To Dubai Fries, which is available at the Smoked Bun Restaurant.

Where Is It Located?


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A gorgeous eatery that is located in the City Centre Al Zahia, this restaurant offers fries that have been topped with oodles of cheese, herbs, spices, and some more molten cheese, making it absolutely decadent. However, once you’re done feasting on the delicious fries you have got to try other dishes here as well. All of these are quirky-looking and absolutely tempting.

Smoked Bun Restaurant Is A Quirky-Looking Eatery


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The menu comprises a variety of dishes, which includes everything from Sabh al Kheir Brioche to E311 Salad, which basically looks nothing short of spectacular. As it happens, the restaurant also offers a bunch of other delectable dishes that warrant your attention, such as Chicken Perfecto, Dum Biryani, Discovery Risotto, Pasta On Wheel, Butter Chicken Bao, and classic French Toast. However, while the name of the star dish can be a little misleading, it should be noted that this restaurant is located in Sharjah.

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Once you’re done ordering your food, don’t forget to pair your meal with lip-smacking chilled beverages, which include tempting options, such as Airport Road and Boarding Passion mojito.

What About The Interiors?


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It’s no secret that the interiors and the overall ambience of a cafe play a significant role in making a dining experience for a person memorable. So, if you also like visiting places that are pretty and absolutely jaw-dropping, then this restaurant offers all this and more. Yes, it should be noted that the beautiful eatery has walls that have been coloured in popping colours, and spruced with plants and a gorgeous wall mural that makes this eatery all the more appealing.

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So, besides the Instagram-worthy treats that are tempting, the gorgeously decorated cafe just adds to its charm. Another pretty cool thing about this place is that the servers here bring your food while wearing quirky masks.

This certainly makes this place a little more interesting.

Where: City Centre – Muwaileh Commercial – Al Zahia – Sharjah
When: 9 am to 12 am (Thursday – Sunday) & 9 am to 11:30 pm (Monday to Wednesday)

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