InFlavour Expo 2023: Chef’s Arena To Regional Dishes, 6 Highlights From The Event That Ends Today

by Anupriya Mishra
InFlavour Expo 2023: Chef’s Arena To Regional Dishes, 6 Highlights From The Event That Ends Today

InFlavour Expo 2023 is an ongoing event that wraps up in Riyadh today. A B2B event, it features some of the most unexpected breakthroughs and partnerships, as diverse industry players all take their seats at the table. Featuring many exhibitors, and several interesting highlights, here are some fantastic ones from InFlavour Expo 2023

Highlights From InFlavour Expo 2023

1. A Special Chef’s Arena Where Talented Chefs Showcase Their Skills

There’s a special Chef’s Arena at the event. Herein, over the two days, several talented and renowned chefs have taken over the kitchen to share their skills and recipes with the attendees. From Miyoko Schinner presenting her signature dish, Vegan Fresh Buffalo-Style Mozzarella to Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White’s masterclass, this arena has been buzzing.

2. Main Courses From Five Different Regions On Display

While guests found regional dishes available throughout the event space, the main course from five regions had to be the biggest highlight. Yes, these included the following  toothsome offerings–

  • Mellihi – A traditional dish from the northern region, made with meat cooked in different milk and ghee, and served with rice.
  • Sliq- A traditional dish made with American rice, milk, ghee, and musk. Popular at banquets in Mecca and Jeddah, it’s served with boiled chicken
  • Al Madrouba – A wintertime meal, it’s made with Hasawi rice, mash, or even crushed wheat grains, chicken, spinach, and ghee.
  • Al Areeka – A traditional bread from the southern regions, it is made with whole wheat flour and rubbed by hand, which is finally topped with butter, honey, and dates.
  • Al Jareesh – Most famous in the central region, it is made with wheat cooked in a broth made with meat or vegetables, before yoghurt is added to give it a creamy and rich texture.

3. 400+ Exhibitors Participating At This Event

Bringing innovative dishes and products, there are over 400 exhibitors participating at this event. In fact, there are even pavilions from other countries, such as India. From restaurants and retailers to wholesalers, this is an excellent event for gastronomes in the nation.

5. A Special Smokeout Area In The Arena

There is even a special Smokeout area, which warrants every attendee’s attention if they like barbecue flavours. With the smoky aroma wafting through the area as meat cooks in a slow and sure way, this is certainly one of the best spots for foodies attending the event.

6. Interesting Sessions Talking About Industry Trends

Several interesting sessions comprising talk shows, wherein Industry experts have shared their views on the main stage. One of the much-talked-about sessions happens to be by, HRH Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud. He is the Founder and CEO of KBW Ventures. Other speakers included Patricia Bubner, who is the CEO & Founder, of Orbillion, a leading expert in the field of the cultivated meat industry.

Doesn’t this event sound like an interesting one?

Where: Riyadh Convention & Exhibition Centre, Malham, Saudi Arabia

Cover Image Courtesy: X/InFlavourExpo

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