Snowfall In Darjeeling & Sikkim After 10 Years

by Kritika Kukreja
Snowfall In Darjeeling & Sikkim After 10 Years

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Tourists are absolutely thrilled and enjoy snowfall in Darjeeling and Sikkim after 10 years!

What Is It?

Visiting Darjeeling? The hill station is looking like a dream after receiving snowfall after 10 years! Along with Darjeeling, Sikkim also experienced snowfall the first time since 2008. Due to the cold wave affecting all of North India, Darjeeling’s temperature dropped down till 1 degree Celsius and the city was covered in snow. Many people from nearby areas decided to head to Darjeeling and enjoy a mini winter vacation at the hill station.

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What Do We Know?

In Sikkim, things got a bit more serious. Due to the unexpected snowfall, tourists were stranded between Changu Lake and Nathu-la but luckily the Sikkim police were able to help out. This type of weather in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Siliguri and surrounding areas will continue for another week due to the cold wave.

But on the happier side, tourists from across North India are heading to these areas to enjoy the lovely weather and the festive spirit is still pretty much alive out here.

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