Someone Photoshopped Thor With Goan Food And Netizens Are Impressed With The Crossover

by Shreya Ghosh
Someone Photoshopped Thor With Goan Food And Netizens Are Impressed With The Crossover

The entire world is well aware of the sudden dominance of artificial intelligence in different sectors. AI has been in use for some years but it gained remarkable popularity recently. Be it for personal purposes or professional work, people are getting hugely dependent on software that completes jobs in very little time. Just some time back, we came across a photo of the iconic Thor created with a similar software and the results look amazing.

Thor & Goan Cuisine Coming Together & It Looks Exciting!

Graphic designer Saili Palyekar took to her Instagram account (@sailipalyekar) to share a stunning AI-curated image of Marvel Universe character Thor.


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A post shared by Saili Palyekar (@sailipalyekar)

As shared in the hashtags of the Instagram post, we noticed that the creator used Midjourney and Photoshop to prepare this extraordinary portrait. Midjourney has recently emerged as a favourite software of most digital creators. Many artists are sharing remarkable presentations and images curated with this artificial intelligence software. We can see Thor sitting in front of a table filled with different delicacies. The list of served dishes includes a cup of beverage, something that looks like puris, and some side dishes as well.

The small addition to the AI image that is grabbing all our attention is the red tika. In fact, he is wearing a kada on his right wrist. This is the first time we are seeing Thor with some desi touches and we are simply in love with it.

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Saili shared the fantastic piece with a question in the caption. She asked Netizens “sukhi bhaji or team patal bhaji”. Hearing the names of these dishes, we can clearly understand that she is talking about Goan cuisine here. Both these fried dishes are some famous recipes of Goan cuisine and indeed have a major fanbase among foodies. If you are ever in the mood to gorge on authentic food served in this beach state, you surely need to taste sukhi bhaji and patal bhaji.

Netizens Love This AI-Image!

Picture credit- Saili Palyekar Instagram @sailipalyekar

Marvellous works and presentations like these always receive a lot of love from Netizens and this AI and photoshopped image of Thor is also getting a lot of praise from everyone.

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What is your favourite dish to relish from Goan cuisine? Also, let us know about your thoughts on this surprising crossover of Thor and Goan food.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Saili Palyekar (@sailipalyekar)