Lucknow To Use AI To Tackle Traffic Jams. But Can This New System Help?

by Shreya Ghosh
Lucknow To Use AI To Tackle Traffic Jams. But Can This New System Help?

Traffic congestion is an ongoing issue in all the cities, be it in India or abroad. Concerned authorities of different places are taking different steps to come up with solutions to manage the traffic jams and congestion. This time, Lucknow is getting ready to take the assistance of much talked about artificial intelligence to solve traffic-related problems. The administration of the city is going to introduce AI to handle the endless vehicles on different roads in the city.

Lucknow To Roll Out AI To Manage Extensive Traffic

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The Lucknow administration is going to use AI at important intersections within the city aiming to tackle traffic jams. Sensors used in this new system have a major role to play in this move. To control the unbearable congestion at different intersections of Lucknow, the sensor will help, according to a report by News 18. Signal systems in designated areas are getting software so that artificial intelligence can solve the issues regarding traffic. Interestingly, the software is already present and now it just needs to be installed in the signal system.

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The additions of software in the signal systems and all the changes are part of the Smart City project. The new beginning of using AI has the primary goal of managing the major traffic disturbances in several parts of the city. Uncountable vehicles getting stuck on roads and people waiting for hours to complete their journeys is a common scenario nowadays.

How Is AI Going To Help To Control Traffic?

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We have seen people using new and updated software to write, paint, design, and so much more. However, using AI to manage traffic is a new concept for many people. If you are wondering about the procedure of this new system coming up in some intersections of Lucknow, here are all the solutions to your confusion. A traffic department spokesperson shared that 10 intersections out of 85 are getting the new system.

The vehicle load on roads is going to be assessed by using an Integrated Traffic Management System and it is going to be sensor-based completely, according to a report by IndiaTimes. Depending on the load of cars and other vehicles on the roads of Lucknow, this traffic management system is going to show a green light in a specific direction.

Traffic DCP Ashish Srivastava shared that three software are coming into action in this new measure. The system to manage traffic using sensors is going to be implemented in about a month.

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To solve several issues regarding traffic such as congestion and violations, Indian cities such as Bengaluru and Kerala have taken the help of AI in the past.

What do you think of this decision by the Lucknow administration?

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