Sonakshi Sinha’s Diet Involves Ghar Ka Khaana & Intermittent Fasting

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sonakshi Sinha’s Diet Involves Ghar Ka Khaana & Intermittent Fasting

When the lovely Sonakshi Sinha delivered her famous dialogue from Dabangg about being scared of a slap and not love, we all fell in love with her. She and the incredible Vijay Varma joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani for this fun-filled episode of Sunday Brunch. They went on to talk about their new mystery TV series called Dahaad, discussed food recipes, were taught Marathi and more. Catch the entire video to learn which food recipe Vijay gave us.

Sonakshi Sinha Prefers Ghar Ka Khaana And Does Intermittent Fasting

It is a special Sunday Brunch video and we cannot ignore the subject of food. We wanted to know what were Sonakshi Sinha’s thoughts on food. She happily replied, “I toh love food.” We adore celebs who are great foodies and don’t think twice about devouring a certain food item. She is truly a foodie and went on to explain that she has reached a stage where she prefers healthy food.

Sonakshi added that she genuinely doesn’t have any issues with food and is not picky because she eats what she loves. She also emphasised that she loves ghar ka khaana. Ghar ka khana is made with much love and is healthy, so she chooses to indulge in home-cooked food. All the street food hoggers, you should maybe think about taking up this habit.

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She told us that she doesn’t avoid rice.  She continued that she does not shy away from carbs at all and her meals consist of home-cooked food that is perfectly balanced and includes rice as well. She also practices intermittent fasting. In general, she skips her breakfast but she added, “I have my two good meals – lunch and dinner.” We love this thing about her, she doesn’t avoid any particular food item. Be like Sonakshi and eat your veggies Khamosh ho kar!

These Are The Three Things She Has In Her Bag

Sonakshi Sinha Ditches Homemade Salad For Dahi Puri
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We played a fun game with Sonakshi and Vijay called ‘Sugar and Spice’ where Kamiya asked random questions to both of them. Kamiya first went on to question Sonakshi Sinha and said, “Three makeup products you always have in your bag?” To which Sonakshi replied, “Eyeliner, powder and lipstick.”

Vijay immediately said, “Please ask me this question” and everyone laughed at this comment. Next, we asked her what she preferred more Vada Pav or Missal Pav. She replied that she would always choose Vada Pav, no matter what. She even confirmed her choice by adding the phrase ‘hands down’! 

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Comment down below which one you like more: Vada Pav or Missal Pav? 

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