Sonakshi Sinha Hasn’t Fed Sindhi Khaana To Vijay Varma Yet, Oops!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Sonakshi Sinha Hasn’t Fed Sindhi Khaana To Vijay Varma Yet, Oops!

On this exciting episode of Sunday Brunch, Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma joined our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. They starred together on their recent OTT show, Dahaad, which is a murder and thriller story set in Rajasthan. They spoke about Hyderabadi and Sindhi food, first paycheck amount, social media presence, Vijay’s first film, and more. We enjoyed a huge Sunday feast with them which was so yummy that Sonakshi forgot all about her salad, check out the video now.

Sonakshi Sinha Is Yet To Make Vijay Varma Try Sindhi Food

It was a hearty Sunday Brunch and how could we not talk about food? We asked Vijay Varma if Sonakshi had the chance to make him try authentic Sindhi food. To which Vijay replied that he didn’t get a chance during the shooting of Dahaad as the filming set was not in Mumbai.

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Sonakshi adds that whenever she is shooting anything in Mumbai her mother sends her homecooked Sindhi food. Vijay teased Sonakshi that he never knew that yummy food was delivered to her daily. He then added that maybe now he might get to try Sindhi food during the promotions of Dahaad in Mumbai. Should we join as well?

What All Did She Learn For Dahaad?

Sonakshi Sinha
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Sonakshi Sinha plays a lady police officer in her new OTT show. So we enquired what new skill sets she learned for this character. She told us that she learned Judo, how to ride a bike, and practised dialect shift.

Dialect shift was for almost everyone on the sets as the show is based in a small town in Rajasthan. She also added that when she donned the police uniform, there was already a change in her attitude. She has truly become a Lady Dabangg and we love it for her. It was about time for her!

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We played an exciting food-related game with Sonakshi Sinha and Vijay Varma and their responses made us laugh. Watch the whole video to learn about different food recipes Vijay gave us just for free.

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