Sonam Bajwa Spilled The Beans About Her Big Appetite & All That She Loves Over An Aamras Thali!

by Mallika Khurana
Sonam Bajwa Spilled The Beans About Her Big Appetite & All That She Loves Over An Aamras Thali!

You need to watch just one Sonam Bajwa movie to become a fan. This stunning actress works primarily in the Punjabi movie industry and has managed to charm everyone with her beauty and talent. At heart, she is a Punjabi who loves to eat anything and everything. However, nothing is as special for her as mangoes. She even waits for summers for this sole reason. As such a passionate mango lover, we decided to take her to the best aamras thali in Mumbai. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, Sonam joined us for a big thali of mango goodness and some fun chat.

Sonam Bajwa Talked About Her Love For Food

We took her to Rasotsav for a huge aamras thali to curb her huge appetite. Before we started to eat, we had to know where her love for mangoes originated from. Going back to her childhood, she shared that her grandfather was a farmer, and she used to visit his farmhouse every summer vacation.

During those days, she used to have all the fresh fruits grown by her grandfather, and that was something she always looked forward to. Among all those fruits, mango was her favourite. However, she never tried aamras until she first visited Mumbai. In the northern parts of India, mangoes are usually eaten whole, and aamras is typically a Western Indian delicacy.

Shedding more light on her eating habits as a child, she revealed that since she grew up in a village, she never had any junk food until she visited some cousins in Delhi. That was the first time she had a burger at McDonald’s. Being a Punjabi, the usual food at her home revolved around parathas made with ghee.

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She Played A Fun Game With Us

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Further in the episode, Sonam shared a lot about her journey as an actress. She discussed everything from her parents’ support to her skills as a singer. Now it was time for a fun game. Going with the theme of the day, the game involved mangoes as well. We gave her two boards with ‘Hum Aam Aadmi Hai‘ and ‘Aam Loving It‘ signs on them.

She had to answer some questions with a yes or no, where ‘Hum Aam Aadmi Hai‘ would entail a ‘no’ and ‘Aam Loving It‘ would entail a ‘yes’. First, we asked her if she had ever lied to get out of a social event. She picked yes and revealed the most common excuse she uses is her shooting schedule. Next, she answered if she had ever eaten a whole pizza by herself. She answered with a yes as well. Along the way, she spilt a lot of exciting details.

If you wish to know all about our fun conversation with Sonam Bajwa, catch the full episode!

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