Soon Take A Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Dubai Desert And Soak In The Panoramic Views. Here Are All The Deets!

hot air balloon ride
by Deeplata Garde 259

Dubai stands atop in offering an excellent tourism experience as we all are aware. Talking about atop, how about viewing the Emirates soaring in the sky? Floating across the golden sands of the Arabian Desert and watching Dubai from a height is a close reality. The Saih Al Salam scenic route would be a new destination to take that Hot Air balloon ride you have been waiting for.

Soar Across The Skies To Experience An Enhanced Desert Experience In Dubai

hot air balloon ride

Pic Creds: Visit Dubai

The creation of lakes from the sandy wilderness and the surrounding development of a flourishing verdant paradise is a milestone achievement of the Emirates. And to take a bird’s eye view of the present lakes, the Ruler of Dubai announced a scenic route which would provide hovering hot air balloons and air taxis for exploration.

The lakes on this route include Love & Expo lake situated in the Al Quadra region of the golden Dubai.

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Here’s A Quick Guide To Find Hot Air Balloon In Dubai

Let’s sweep you off your feet, quite literally, in Dubai. Take that magical Hot Air Balloon ride to share the Dubai skies with falcons. Many tourism companies offer a great number of deals and discounts to provide you with the best Hot Air Balloon ride albeit with the best safety.

Here are some of the best companies and spots offering Hot Air Balloon Ride

  1. Hot Air Balloon Dubai
hot air balloon

Pic Creds: hot air balloon Dubai

This company promises to deliver a magical experience with the best available deals to make your journey memorable and light on the pocket. Their standard package starts from AED 1100 and you get the options of standard, deluxe, adventure and charter flight packages to choose from.

2. Balloon Adventures Dubai

hot air balloon ride

Pic Creds: Visit Dubai

Providing a spectacular hot air balloon experience since 2005, Balloon Adventures Dubai is at the top in Dubai. Their ride will take you on a floating adventure 4000ft above the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. They provide a package that includes a drone show, learning about native wildlife, breakfast in a bedouin atmosphere, a desert drive and a falcon show. Their package deal starts at AED 1,350.

3. Amigos Balloons


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Here apart from providing the best balloon ride, the company ensures making safety a priority as every pilot has to undergo a test for the same. Post that you get an option to fly with a group or solo and the price for it differs accordingly. The starting price for this company is AED 900.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride Can Last For Few Hours

The flight duration for an average balloon ride lasts between 3 to 5 hrs depending on the company offerings and package details. The best time to catch a balloon ride in Dubai is during the golden hours a.k.a sunset or sunrise. Taking this ride during the rainy season is a big no-no situation as it might prove to be hazardous.

So be it a romantic proposal or surprising your loved ones, make this Hot Air balloon ride one of your life’s most memorable events.

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Dubai