5 South Indian Breakfast Joints You Need To Try In Mumbai Under ₹500

by Vinita Jain
5 South Indian Breakfast Joints You Need To Try In Mumbai Under ₹500

As we all know, the fast-paced life in Mumbai often does not allow the luxury of having a proper meal at home. Which is why you have the breakfast cafes and restaurants dotted across the city, to sneak in some gourmet time in the morning while you are on the go.  And South Indian cuisine being the favourite among city goers,  many eateries offer healthy, light, and filling meals. So make note of these 5 best South Indian breakfast places in Mumbai where you can enjoy a hearty meal under ₹500.

1. Udipi Idli House

Udipi Idi House located in Matunga East, serves about 15 different types of idlis. Everything in this little cafe costs less than ₹50 so you can get a very cheap breakfast. Along with cheap rates, they serve fresh and scrumptious variety of South Indian delicacies like idli, rasam, appam, and vada. When it comes to South Indian restaurants, Deepika Padukone gives shout-out to this South Indian cafe in Delhi International Airport for scrumptious breakfast. 

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2. Café Madras

Known for its idlis, stews, and special dosas, Café Madras is a gourmand’s delight. The breakfast menu is worth trying. Café Madras is a legendary South Indian joint in Mumbai. Do try their luscious South Indian cuisines at affordable prices.

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3. Hotel Ram Ashraya

To have authentic and traditional South Indian food, visit this place. You can try their special Idli Podi, Neer Dosa, Pineapple Sheera, and filter coffee. Hotel Ram Ashraya opens at 5am in the morning. Though they have a decent seating area, it stays crowded most of the time.  Mumbai’s iconic South Indian restaurant Ramashray now has a new outlet with a delicious menu.

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4. Arya Bhawan

Start your mornings with soul-satisfying South Indian breakfast at Arya Bhawan in Matunga East. Along with various affordable and basic South Indian options they also serve Thatt Idli, Coconut Stew Appam, and Paniyaram.

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5. Dakshinayan

Dakshinayan located in Malabar Hills is an iconic place serving authentic South Indian dishes. Their menu holds a vast variety but if you’re visiting this place, do try their Malgopodi Idli.

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